revivalSome days it feels like liberal ideas are the only things being promoted and celebrated. Conservative values… what are those? Where have they gone? And how do we make them popular again?

Today it feels like the conservative movement and conservative values are dying.

Small government, low taxes, and Christian morals are falling out of favor faster than ever before. It’s bad and getting worse. That’s why now more than ever we need a conservative revival.

Outside an act of God, it’s unlikely this will happen spontaneously. That’s why we’re writing about conservative issues and trying to win “converts.”

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We desperately need a “Conservative Revival”… will you help?

  • Christopher R Kosel

    I will be contacting GoDaddy to submit an abuse report re: the spam from this domain, and our inability to unsubscribe from these emails.

  • Ken Myers

    STOP SENDING ME EMAILS!!! You do no good to conservatives or people who will vote for Mr. Trump any favor with your imbecile spams.

  • I’m flaming conservative. But your unsubscribe scam page makes conservatives stink! Are you sure you want to be cyber extortionists?
    (“We can’t find your email in our records …so you can’t unsubscribe”!?!?) Better get some integrity. Or plan to stay obscure & ineffective.

  • KLeC

    Yep, just another spam outlet. Total bullshit.

  • Vince Sutton

    Find some integrity by ending the manner in which you send unsolicited email and offer no way to unsubscribe! Get real!

  • 100% of comments are about their spamming. Come on. Only Democrats should have to resort to this.

  • Matthew V. Brown

    I can’t even “contact” Conservative Revival. One of their stories suggested the reader comment in a comment section that proved to be non-existent. I think I’ll mark this e-mail as spam and make complaints elsewhere.