Forget the Constitution The UN Has Better Ideas

unThe UN would like to levy taxes against you. Perhaps representatives of the UN don’t care they have no right to tax American citizens. It’s working on a tax scheme to tax the world and redistribute wealth in a more “fair” manner.

According to Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution, only Congress has the ability to levy taxes against citizens of the United States. I recognize Obama and his brethren at the UN find the US Constitution to be a pesky document hindering their progressive agenda. According to the Conservative Tribune:

Now globalist forces are pressuring the U.N. to establish a tax authority — sort of like an international Internal Revenue Service — ostensibly to close the gap between the world’s poor and the profitable businesses and well-off individuals.


There is one big problem with this plan, however: The United States has a Constitution that stipulates that only the U.S. Congress has the power to levy taxes on Americans.

That hasn’t stopped a coalition of 130 national governments, including a fair share of dictatorships, which have demanded a “New World Order to Live Well.”


Also behind the move are shadowy organizations and billionaires such as Bill Gates who see a globalized, networked world as something close to utopia.

A U.N. summit held in Ethiopia last week temporarily derailed the tax plan only because groups split over which globalist organization should be given the power to collect revenue internationally. The summit attendees were largely in agreement that trillions of dollars should be taken from the First World nations and given to “global governance and sustainable development schemes.”

It’s clear to see the agenda, and the violation of the US Constitution, but what’s not clear is why politicians are even allowing conversations to continue? Why is the UN continuing to entertain such a notion against the US people?

My guess is that the Obama administration is quietly at work figuring out how to get this passed and pushed through Congress. Keep a look out.

What do you think? Is a global tax authority, on top of a country’s tax authority, a good idea? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.



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