Outrage: Obama Vetoes Bill To Protect Our Vets

obama-militaryThe President hasn’t been a friend of the military or the veterans. That’s been a given since he came to power. He doesn’t value, nor listen to his Generals and Admirals. He ignore their respect. He salutes with coffee in his hand and has little but contempt for the men and women in uniform.

So, while it shouldn’t come as a surprise, it still seems unsettling when this President vetoes a bill designed to protect the very veterans he’s the Commander-in-Chief of. According to the Conservative Tribune:

On Wednesday, President Barack Hussein Obama threatened to veto the Veterans Affairs Accountability Act that would empower the Department of Veterans Affairs with the “ability to fire incompetent or corrupt employees.”


Obama argued that the provisions within the bill would “have a significant impact on VA’s ability to retain and recruit qualified professionals and may result in a loss of qualified and capable staff to other government agencies or the private sector.”


This did not sit well with Wall Street Journal assistant editor James Freeman, who wrote that the next “bill should instruct the executive branch that potential employees put off by the idea that they might be fired for letting a patient die while they process his paperwork are not ‘top talent.’”


The fact is that the bill would have been a terrific follow-up to the 2014 Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act, which gave the VA the power to fire corrupt executives.

Unfortunately, Obama chose to ruin it on behalf of government unions, which not surprisingly opposed the bill.

What is disturbing is that such a veto will contribute directly to the death of thousands more military veterans. Brave men and women, who unlike Obama, protected and defended the Constitution of the United States.

What do you think? Does Obama’s veto jeopardize veterans, or was it a good decision? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.