Absurd or Funny: See the “Gun” Airport Security Confiscated

fartgunThe security screeners in Dublin must be high-five-ing today haven’t stopped a potentially dangerous ‘weapon’ from getting on a plan.

It seems either the security screeners have no children, or don’t understand the word “toy” when they prevented a children’s toy from boarding. According to The Blaze:

The toy, similar to the ones used by the “Minions” in the animated movie, “Despicable Me,” makes a fart sound when the trigger is pulled.


How dangerous is the Fart Blaster? The official description from the manufacturer says it all:


“Every time your child presses the trigger, a new fart sound comes out. When the trigger is held down for over five seconds, ‘joke mode’ will be activated, which allows a child to put down the Despicable Me toy next to someone and walk away. Twenty seconds later, the item will make loud fart sounds, much to the dismay of the person next to it.”


After the toy was taken, the child’s mother sent word to a friend who posted the following message on Twitter.

Here’s her post:

If we give them the benefit of the doubt, perhaps security was concerned that too much laughter on flight would distract the pilots and put the passengers safety at risk. Because otherwise, it means the security screener really don’t understand the difference between a toy and a gun…at which point, we’re all in jeopardy.


What do you think, honest mistake, gross incompetence or something else? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.