Black-on-Black Murder Is a Myth According to This Blacks Lives Matter Activist

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 7.36.46 PMWhile anyone who does the research recognizes that black-on-black murder is at epidemic proportions, a Washington D.C. Black Lives Matter activist hadn’t appeared to know this fact. It happened during an interview on CNN when the activist was confronted about the subject.

According to The Blaze:

“It’s important to talk about the myth of black on black crime. It’s just that – a myth,” Aaron Goggans, a Black Lives Matter organizer in Washington, D.C., told CNN anchor Carol Costello.


Costello had asked Goggans about a Facebook video in which legendary Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis pleads with fellow African-Americans to “change what we are doing” when it comes to blacks killing blacks.


But when pressed on his statement, Goggans moments later admitted that black on black crime does exist.


“I’m saying that inter community crime happens in all communities across the country and it is a problem that the movement of Black Lives is focusing on,” Goggans said.
I’m trying to figure out if black lives really matter,” Lewis said in a video posted to his

Facebook page on Saturday. “The March murder rate rose by 29 percent, but we’re not rioting in the streets over black-on-black crime.”


“I’m trying to figure out in my mind why no one is paying attention to black men killing black men. Why do we always find ourselves as the victims, and now we have the separation once again that we’re being victimized because of one bad white cop, two bad white cops, three bad white cops, killing a young black brother. But every day we have black-on-black crime, killing each other,” Lewis said.


We Must Change What We Are Doing

my heart is hurting – we must do better

  • Posted by Ray Lewis on Saturday, April 2, 2016

Lewis previously made headlines when he issued a “message for the rioters in Baltimore” last year, telling kids in his city to “get off the streets” and reminding them that “violence is never the answer.”

It’s interesting to see how much emotion, and how little fact supports many of these activists. While the number of cops killing blacks is relatively small, the number of blacks killing blacks is epidemic. It’s hard to understand how these well-meaning activists allow themselves to be used as pawns in someone else’s agenda.

All lives matter, and murder, whether by a copy, or a black man, is wrong and disgraceful. How about focusing on the race that matters, the human race, and doing away with divisive politics and looking for common ground. Then Black lives, and all lives, will matter more.

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You can watch the exchange below:



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