Good Police Doing Bad Things

policecheckpointMany Americans will be upset to learn of new developments in the war on DWI’s. It seems the city of Austin has decided to ignore the 4th Amendment of the Constitution and set up mandatory, no-refusal blood draw checkpoints.

Officers will have a judge on-hand to sign a warrant and force drivers, without cause, to submit blood samples. According to InfoWars:

The Austin, Texas, Police Department has announced the implementation of a “no refusal” policy until the “end of summer,” by which officers can forcibly extract blood samples and breath tests from drivers without consent.


“The no refusal initiative is an effort to enforce DWI laws, keep the public safe, and to conduct blood search warrants on suspects who refuse to give a breath or blood specimen as required by law,” the department claimed in a press release. “A high number of DWI arrests are made in Austin each year.”


“No refusal” means police can forcibly extract blood or breath samples against a person’s will after they have refused, enabling law enforcement to secure evidence which may aid in future prosecution.

Despite the draconian law, drivers can still refuse to; answer questions about drinking, conduct a field sobriety test, allow officials from searching their vehicle without “probable cause.”

While their remain many good police officers, the laws being enacted to ensure “public safety” continue to slip quickly down that slippery slope of totalitarianism.

You can learn ways to protect yourself here:

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