If Ever In Trouble Here’s the Cop I Want Showing Up

officerdeversLaw enforcement officials have been the subject of a lot of negative publicity lately. However, the below video highlights one of the many good troopers out there protecting us. When arriving at the scene of a horrific accident, the trooper runs from his car directly to the flipped-over truck and starts assisting.

While most people run from trouble or problems, law enforcement is trained to lend assistance. And that’s exactly what this trooper did. According to BizPacReview:

An Ohio state trooper was honored this week for saving the life of a truck driver in April, but what’s now revealed in dash-cam video illustrates how desperately he worked to save the victim.


“Don’t you die on me!” he shouted to the driver.


The footage begins with trooper Eric Devers arriving at the scene along an interstate highway and running to the victim.


“Keep breathing for me, Devers instructs the victim. “Keep breathing, keep breathing.”

Then the driver stops breathing.

But this doesn’t deter the trooper from his mission of saving the guy as he continues to encourage the man to fight for his life.
Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 10.38.21 AMHe certainly deserves the commendation and attention he’s been getting. And I know that if I ever have the misfortune of getting in a wreck, I’d like trooper Eric Devers to be the one to show up and help out. I feel safer just knowing law enforcement officials are out there like him.

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