Is This The Best Argument For The 2nd Amendment – Video

With mass shootings on the news and the expected call from the left for more gun control laws, it’s time to revisit some good, common sense arguments for the 2nd Amendment and that’s what Dr. Susan Gratia-Hupp does. According to

With the recent San Bernardino shootings and the three-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre, many Americans’ minds are on gun control measures and the Second Amendment. But it’s easy to forget that these issues have been discussed for decades.


In 1991, a “madman” drove his car through the front of a Luby’s cafeteriain Killeen, Texas, took out a gun, and methodically shot 50 people, killing 23. One of the diners there was Dr. Susan Gratia-Hupp, whose parents died at the gunman’s hands.


Many Texans already know the story of Dr. Gratia-Rupp, who was later elected to the Texas House of Representatives and spearheaded that state’s concealed carry laws. But

if you haven’t heard her horrifying tale,watch her testimony in front of a U.S. Senate committee to learn how the tragedy could have been largely avoided.

What’s interesting is that no matter how much evidence there is about gun restrictions increasing crimes, or the arguments for ones ability to self defense, the liberal left always goes after the guns, not the people.

You have to wonder sometimes, why aren’t they looking to outlaw knives when there’s a stabbing, or cars when there’s an accident or ladders when someone falls off and dies? It seems hypocritical at best…and at worst?

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Watch her testimony here: