Is This The Best Courtroom Transcript As Judge Gets Into Obscene Argument With Suspect

Sparks flew in a Georgia courtroom the other day when the suspect’s obscene attacks toward the judge resulted in a surprise response. The suspect was asking for a new attorney, but things quickly escalating and the judge was having none of that, and decided to respond-in-kind to the suspect.

According to The Blaze:

At the start of the hearing, Allen asked Floyd County Superior Court Judge Bryant Durham for a new public defender. When Judge Durham tried to explain why he was denying the request, Allen declared that he would just “hold himself in contempt” before shouting, “f**k you” and “go f**k yourself” to the judge.


By the end of the hearing, Allen had threatened to kill Durham’s entire family. But that wasn’t before the judge had a few choice words of his own.


What transpired during the June 17 court session was enough for lawyer Keith Lee to dub it the “best courtroom transcript of all time.”

From the transcript:


The Court: I — I am finding — I’m finding you in contempt of court.


Mr. Allen: I don’t care.


The Court: I know you don’t. And I sentence you to twenty days for that. And if you say anything else, I’m going to add twenty days for everything you say.

Mr. Allen: F**k you.

The Court: Forty days.

Mr. Allen: F**k you again.

The Court: Sixty.

Mr. Allen: Go f**k yourself.

The Court: A year.

Mr. Allen: Your mama.

The Court: Ten years.

Mr. Allen: Suck my d**k.

The Court: You know something, this is going to be an interesting trial.

Allen never let up, and neither did Durham. Perhaps it was the “your mama” comment that did it.


After Allen made lewd comments to the court about his genitalia and said that he preferred “white-white boys,” Judge Durham said, “Oh, of course. You know, you look like a queer.”


Allen persisted with his profane rant against Durham, who at one point told him, “You’re so cute. I know all the inmates just love you to death.”

But Durham wasn’t ready to stop there. He was on a roll.


“You know what, you have a constitutional right to be a dumbass,” he told Allen at one point.


Things persisted until Allen eventually threatened to kill Durham’s entire family.


“How about this? I’ll kill your whole family. When I get in this trial, I will murder your whole family. I’ll cut your children up into pieces. I’ll knock their brains out with a f**king hammer and feed them to you,” Allen said.


The Judge replied that he did not have any kids, but he still dismissed Allen from the courtroom.


“I’ve enjoyed this. I hope you have. I know everybody else in the courtroom has enjoyed it, but you can go now,” he told Allen.


According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Judge Durham may be held accountable by

the Georgia State Judicial Ethics Agency for engaging in the 11-minute hearing on June 17.


And it doesn’t look like Allen will be able to carry out his threats any time soon. In addition to the murder charges he already faces for allegedly beating Stephen Rudolph Nalley to death at the Floyd County jail in 2015, he now faces charges of making terrorist threats and contempt of court.

It’s interesting that the suspect decided to launch into the judge like that considering he may want to be a little kinder and hopefully make a good impression.

It doesn’t look like Mr. Allen will be getting any leniency from this judge. Quite the opposite. Perhaps Mr. Allen knows he’s guilty and just decided to go out with a bang and be heard one last time before he is forever looking at the four walls of his cell.

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