Is This the Most Damaging Admission To Date of Hilary’s Health And Inability to Be President?

The press has been working really hard to cover up the issue of Hillary’s health and subsequent inability to serve as President. But, recent releases from the FBI have brought her health to the fore front. By her own admission, Mrs. Clinton suffered a concussion and was restricted to working only a few hours per day.

According to Zero Hedge:

With much of the recent discussion focusing on Hillary Clinton’s general health condition, and mental acuity in particular, we wonder if the FBI just threw her under the bus with the following statement which links Hillary’s “inability” to remember her transition instructions with her 2012 concussion and blood clot:

CLINTON stated she received no instructions or direction regarding the preservation or production of records from State during the transition out of her role as Secretary of State in early 2013. However, in December of 2012, CLINTON suffered a concussion and then around the New Year had a blood clot. Based on her doctor’s advice, she could only work at State for a few hours a day and could not recall every briefing she received. CLINTON did not have any discussions with aides about turning over her email records, nor did anyone from State request them. She believed her work-related emails were captured by her practice of sending email to the email address of her staff. CLINTON was unaware of the requirement to turn over printed records at that time. Her physical records were boxed up and handled by aides.

The original, on page 9 of 11:
Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 8.25.59 PM

It’s interesting that someone like Mrs. Clinton who has been a First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State claims she did not receive adequate training and was unaware of procedures. What’s more incriminating however, is that Mrs. Clinton’s medical condition kept her restricted to working only a few hours per day, and also had a blood clot.

Having suffered two more concussions, and spending much of 2013 in the hospital, the real question is why isn’t this relevant to the fitness of a Presidential candidate? The press has a lot of explaining to do, and much of it not good.

What do you think? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

  • Bettijo

    A Field Guide to spotting Hillary Clinton’s Parkinson’s Disease Signs

  • drbhelthi

    It is not logical that either H. Clinton or her staff will release accurate information about her role as USGov employee, her health – or anything that is important. Repeating what she and her staff have stated is simply a repetition of lies and false propaganda.

  • Evan

    You can’t believe anything Hillary or this sorry
    excuse for a government says about anything!

    • That is possibly true. But is Trump, I wonder, any more credible?

      • Awaitingtherapture

        YES. Everything Hillary did was done for greed. The want of money. Donald Trump does not need the money, he is doing it to serve the country he loves.
        TRUMP 2016

        • Right. Trump’s greed came earlier.

          • concern4us

            It’s called hard honest work!

          • Hard work, maybe. But the honest part is open to debate.

          • Awaitingtherapture

            Right, Trump gained his money by beating the completion at their own game, using the rules and laws of business.
            His money came from the business world , not from the taxpayer.
            He is an angel compared to the unlawful, deceitful, intentional mafia style tactics of the Clintons.

          • If Trump is your idea of an angel, I am more convinced than ever that I am right to be an atheist.

          • Awaitingtherapture

            You conveniently left out the words “COMPARED TO”.
            As for feeling secure being an atheist, there will be no atheists in Hell. You may not believe in God now, but I promise you that upon arrival at the gates of Hell, you will be a believer then.

          • Jonathan Brooks

            Actually, Awaiting, I think there will be atheists in Hell, but they will be insane, because they will just lose it when facing the truth.

          • Awaitingtherapture

            You may be right, my brother in Christ. I believe we will have no memory of friends or loved ones that refused Christ.
            We are promised in Gods Holy Word, the BIBLE, that there will be no sorrow in Heaven. I could not help myself but to feel sorrow for someone I knew, or anyone for that fact, that refused the free gift of Salvation and sent themselves to an eternal Hell.
            Look forward to meeting you in Heaven, GOD BLESS.

          • There is no sorrow when you are dead, because, well, you are dead.

          • Awaitingtherapture

            Your body, the flesh, will die, but your soul is eternal.
            Not believing that will not change the reality of it.

          • Jonathan Brooks

            Same here. Speak Truth to Power, and I will see you on the other side.

          • It will be a little late then, won’t it? Or is one able to recant even at the gates of hell and be sent instead to heaven, the most boring place that I can possibly imagine. What, Rapture, are you going to do for eternity?

          • Awaitingtherapture

            YES, it will be too late for you to change your eternal destination. The Bible tells us that every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess Jesus as Lord of lords and King of kings. You will do that on your judgment day, at the Great White Throne, right before you are sent to Hell.
            As for what I will do for all eternity, many people believe the Hollywood garbage about Heaven, that is all they have ever seen or know. A few facts about Heaven and Angels.
            Angels are a separate cre

          • My current goal in life is to be nice no matter how challenging the situation. And I am really challenged about how to answer your drivel – sincere and well-meaning I’m sure, but drivel nonetheless. Suffice it to say that I find the idea of hell a lot more appealing than eternity with religious zealots.

          • Awaitingtherapture

            If serving and loving the God that created all life in the universe, makes me a religious zealot, then I wear that title as a badge of honor. You cannot be nice enough, or good enough to meet Gods standards. Nothing but the blood of Jesus can cleanse you and make you acceptable to him. I give you about one and a half to two seconds on the other side of the grave before you start screaming hysterically , saying its not fair, they said you did not exist.
            I will pray for your eternal soul, that God will soften your hard heart and open your eyes to your eternal destiny.

          • Well, the trouble is that God didn’t create all life in the universe. And I don’t have a hard heart. I have been known to apologize to earthworms that fell foul of my garden trowel.

          • Awaitingtherapture

            Oh really, and what proof do you have that God did not create all life in the universe, btw, he also created the universe and set all the planets and stars into perfect timed motion.
            Surly you do not believe that fairy tale of nothing exploding one day and created all life from nothing.
            As for your heart, I am not measuring your compassion but your stubborn pride that keeps you from acknowledging your creator.

          • S Graves

            “right to be an atheist”? Mmmm…maybe not.

          • Give me one compelling reason why I should believe in God – any god?

          • Robert Early

            You are neither dumb or stupid.
            In any discussion of religion, God,
            Darwin, or astrophysics, you are merely, and obviously, quite ignorant.
            Ignorance is simply defined as a state of not knowing. I’m often described as a very fine musician; but when it comes to auto-mechanics, I am quite ignorant.
            It always amazes me that non-believers can speak with such self-proclaimed authority about subject matter they know absolutely nothing about. The simply truth is you don’t believe in God because you don’t know God. That’s understandable.
            But, how can you speak with any credibility whatsoever about something or some one you don’t
            know? That is simply not logical.
            I believe in God, the Bible, and eternal life because I choose to.
            Yes, it’s a matter of choice; but coming to that choice was not easy. At one point in my life, I was very much like you; just as deluded, and just as ignorant.
            Perhaps you are correct about death and nothingness after. If so, then I have lost nothing by faith in God. On the other hand, if I am correct, then you will lose everything forever. Again, just simple logic. Perhaps you are more of a gambler than I. But, please don’t smother us with your pseudo-intellectualism. It’s not working.

          • I am not ignorant – by your definition or any other. I was brought up as an Anglican and spent more times in church than I wanted to, so I am sort of familiar with Christian doctrine.

            Let me ask you this: when you were a small child, did you believe in the tooth fairy? Let’s assume yes, because if not you were very unusual. At what point did you cease believing that it was a fairy that took away your tooth and left you a small amount of money in its place? At what point did you realize that it was one or other of your parents? In other words, when did you realize that there was a more rational explanation to the vanishing tooth rather then the quaint idea of a fairy.

            For me, evolution is a much more rational explanation of how humans – and cephalopods, and tigers, and earthworms and cows and butterflies etc, etc, etc – exist. One day you will realize that Darwin made god redundant.

          • Robert Early

            It is not MY definition. Do you not have access to a dictionary?
            If not ignorant, then why don’t you know that modern science, including that of atheist Stephen Hawking, has proven that Darwin was about 70 % wrong in is therories.
            If you are even remotely interested in learning truth, then study the works of astrophysicist Hugh Ross.
            I’m pretty sure that as soon as the truth hits you in the face, you will quickly turn it off.

          • S Graves

            Do you think that some important things reside in the subjective vs. all residing in the objective universe? Do you see any difference in the two realms?

          • I don’t see two realms.

          • S Graves

            You don’t “see” them so they don’t exist? Is that your position. Hmmm…. Heisenberg, in a conversation about what Plank might think?

            “… Planck considers religion and science compatible because, in his view, they refer to quite distinct facets of reality.”

            He goes on to say about Einstein;

            “…as far as [Einstein] he is concerned there is no split between science and religion: the central order is part of the subjective as well as the objective realm, and this strikes me as being a far better starting point.”

          • I didn’t say they don’t exist; I said that I don’t see two different realms. I see only one realm and that is what is observable.

          • Ami Perrine

            S. Graves is stalking you. How many different threads has he replied to you?

          • Two I think. And I have already accused him of stalking. But it’s OK. I can handle him. And I hope that other readers will see my comments and perhaps, just possibly, think about them.

      • Bama Bill

        Dumbest question I have read in quite a while. Nothing Obama says is true, Hillary gets 20% of her millions from Saudi Arabia, the rest from multi-billionaires like Warren Buffet. Look it up yourself, maybe then you can answer your own question?

        • The question may seem dumb to you, but your answer was hardly brilliant. I did look up Hillary’s connection to the Saudis, and it seems quite certain that they have contributed heavily to the Clinton Foundation. I also found this: which sort of does answer my question.

          • Bama Bill

            So now you know some truth. Hillary and Slick Willy have gone from “Dead Broke” to 110 million all in “Donations”. You can look at the New York skyline and see how Donald made his money. Also, Donald has done many good things to help people in need. BUT, he doesn’t brag about them. Look those up also, Please? Like him paying off the mortgage for working people that stopped to help him. And how about the skating rink in Central Park? After NYC spent about 15 million?, I think he fixed it for about 6 million, under budget and ahead of schedule. Tell him “It can’t be done”, and get out of his way!

          • Suggesting that I look things up does not always work in your favor. I searched for “trump paid mortgage”. Out of the top 12 hits, FIVE declared the paying off the mortgage line as false. One even suggested that the story originated within Trump’s PR division. I also learned that Trump manages both rinks in Central Park, no doubt turning any profits over to charity as he promised Ed Koch that he would do.

      • concern4us

        Elizabeth, I can’t believe you ask this, he’s not a chronic liar, thief and he’s running circles around her. There is a reason she’s been undercover for the past year plus!

        • Well I suppose that saying one thing today and the exact opposite next week is not exactly lying, but it does leave one wondering what the truth of the matter is. Trump does that quite a lot.

          “Thief” is also open to interpretation. There are as many stories about Trump as there are about Hillary. They may all, of course, be nothing more than stories, but Trump is the one in court (over Trump University); other accusations are that he hasn’t paid 10 of his top campaign staffers, that he frequently failed to pay contractors working on his buildings, that no bank will lend him money because he defaults on loans, that Melania worked as a model for at least a year while on a tourist visa, and so on.

          And let me be clear here. This is the first time that I will be able to vote in a presidential election, and I am appalled at the choice I face: Hillary or Trump. I can’t even decide which is the lesser of two evils.

          • S Graves

            So you have become a citizen of this hell hole? /s

          • Yeah. I have to admit though, that it was a marriage of convenience. My renewed Green Card was lost in the mail (yes really) and it was just as easy to apply for citizenship as to begin the process anew for a Green card (even though they are now more pink).

            Besides, I had this crazy idea that I could run for Mayor of my small city.

          • S Graves

            Typical leftist. Advocate for what makes people FEEL GOOD, be nice until your POV is challenged…then attack with ad hominem and vitriol and, finally, take the route of convenience to get what you want. You have finally come clean. It took a while. Yes Elizabeth, truly pathetic.

  • David Stewart

    With her arrogance it would be very difficult to differenciate between a concussion, birth defect, or bi-polarism; safe to say she is mentally unstable at any speed! Like that, Nader?

    • What has Nader to do with anything these days?

      And why is it safe to say that Mrs Clinton is mentally unstable? Birth defects show up, you know, at birth. Bipolar disorder tends to manifest itself in late teens/early adulthood. Until she ran for President no one had ever suggested that Hillary was suffering from either. That leaves concussion. It is well known that she did suffer a concussion in the last months of her time as Secretary of state. But there is no evidence that I have seen which suggests that the effects were more than temporary.

  • dboutin

    I think she has Alzheimer..she has some of the symptoms..

    • NannyB

      She does…but she has not got any shaking or slight trembling other than the wobble of her head. I know 3 people with early onset and their hands have slight trembling. I do not see that with her. We may never know unless she collapses in full view of a camera…and I am not a doctor either.

      • Jonathan Brooks

        What you say is true, Nanny, but Hillary seems to use cheats to hide movements of her hands and trembling, like clapping, holding her hands in stress positions, and constantlty holding something, like a drink or whatever. She is also on meds that may hide the Parkimnsons, since one of her emails was asking someone to look into a Parkinson medication for “decision fatigue”.

    • As do I. And as I am guessing do you. I also have one or two symptoms of cancer of the esophagus, arthritis and megalomania (I think that I can save the world) but my doctors have yet to give a diagnosis.

  • Lawrence

    All things that come from the mouth of any politician, is going to be a lie. They because of being power hungry, and they will lie to keep this power.

  • crockett

    She is using the system to claim that she was never taught to be sec of state . If she couldn’t run as sec then how is she going to be able to run the USA as it should be run ? ? All of this is a freaking joke that she is able to be President . She can’t even dress herself or any other things .Shes a POS that thinks she is a queen made of teflon and nothing sticks to her . I hope the E mails take her to GITMO along with obama who has broken every law on the books if we can get the sorry ass congress and senate to do what should have been done 7 years ago when he first started sneaking in Vermin from Islam . the Radicals need to be rounded up and deported along with their brother obama . We the people have had enough of both families that are ruining our USA everyday .WE THE PEOPLE WANT TO CLEAN OUT ALL OF THE WHITE HOUSE AND THE REST OF CORRUPT ASSES THAT SET AND DO NOTHING WHEN LIKE I SAID SHOULD HAVE TAKEN PLACE 7 YEARS AGO …….

  • Ted Skibinski

    So IF she has a bad day When asked anything will she reply I don’t recall . ?WHO will really Do her work HUMA ?

  • Crystal

    Believe me, if these health issues had happened to Trump, the Liberals, Hillary and the Media would be like starving Jackals on a Gazelle, relentlessly tearing him to pieces!

    • concern4us

      Amen sister, there wouldn’t be enough left to attract bazaars!

      • ‘attract bazaars’? That’s an interesting concept.

      • Crystal

        I think the word you meant was buzzards, but I got ya! 🙂

  • solog

    Save it…!

  • ssilv48

    When the f b i is criminal, the crime is deep in America. I have said for years that America is the most criminal country in the world and it co-exists with an illegal government since 2008

  • Richard Pickett

    I don’t think that I would trust her capacity to think in a delicate situation

  • daveveselenak

    Damn, if being an ole ugly commie whore isn’t enough reason why she shouldn’t be president now it is known that she is mentally ill too! This illustrates why the Left is mentally disordered, they don’t care how fuk’d up their candidate is as long as it is one of them!