Look What These Protesters Brought to An Anti-Islam Rally

protestislamMany Americans are fed up with the political correct movement and the refusal to call out radical Islam for what it is, a violent movement that threatens our American way of life.

That’s how protesters in Michigan felt recently when they staged their own protest the other day and carried something that seemed contradictory to their message.

Protesters who gathered at a Michigan “Global Rally for Humanity” Saturday — a multi-city event aimed at radical Islam — carried more than just signs to the Dearborn protest.

They also openly carried guns, WWJ-TV reported.

Some of the signs read “No Radical Islam” and “Louis Farrakhan = Hate,” referring to the other rally target — the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington, which also took place Saturday.

Roughly half of Dearborn’s residents are Muslim, which likely increased attention on in this particular rally.

One protestor told WWJ “as this invasion of Muslim colonization continues unchecked on American soil, we can only expect the same suffering now endured by EUROPE…Now is the time to act.”

Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad told the Detroit News that the “gun presence increases the chance of a gun being fired.” Michigan law allows open carry.

There were no problems as police were standing nearby, but protesters did argue with members of a counter-rally, the station said. Police said about 75 attended the event, mostly those against it.

“There’s over a half a million Muslims, roughly, in the city of Dearborn and for him to come over here and inflate stuff and tell us ‘Radical Islam,’ of course we’re going to be heated as Muslims,” Ali Naji said. “Again, all Muslims are not bad.”

What is predictable is calling the protesters racist simply because they disagree with the liberal narrative. Isn’t it sad when honest, gun-toting citizens exercising their Constitutionally-protected rights become the subject of the debate, and not those promoting violence?

What do you think about the protestors? Was it over-the-top to openly carry their guns? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

  • Jorge Salomon

    If and when this thing running for the Casa Blanca decides to outlaw guns, then, I WILL BECOME AN OUTLAW. The 2nd amendment to the constitution, affords ALL its citizens THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. Do not know what this cheap ass thing is thinking, but, someone needs to wake her up to reality.

  • desperaddo

    The muzzzzslutts run Dearborn(istan) BASTARDS!! Time to round up these ILLEGALS and DEPORT THEM ALL!!! There ARE TEN THOUSAND ILLEGALS IN DEARBORN(istan) Michigan!! Time to STOP ALL MUZZSKUM IMMIGRATION!! I REMEMBER 9/11!! DEPORT THEM ALL!!

  • Ted for President

    As I have stated many times and in many places.. I the so called Good Muslim’s each would take out one Bad Muslim a day for a year , then there would be no bad Muslims I however don’t believe in Good Muslims , I have yet to see any..I don’t believe you can follow Sharia law especially in the States and call your self a Good Anything NUFF SAID