Mike Rowe’s Surprising Take on the Ahmed Mohamed Clock Incident

mikeroweMike Rowe rose to fame at the affable host of TV’s “Tough Jobs.” He is portrayed as a blue-collar, everyman kind-of-guy. He’s made news over the years by demonstrating a keen intellect and strong understanding of the founding principles that made America great.

Mr. Rowe recently weighed in on the recent Ahmed Mohamed Clock Incident. Something the liberal media pounced on in their never-ending search for “racism” and political correctness. According to The Blaze:

In a sit down interview with TheBlaze last week, Mike Rowe weighed in on the Ahmed Mohamed clock controversy, expressing surprise that many Americans thought the Texas student’s experiment resembled a bomb.


“The first thing that struck me was how disconnected the country has come from what bombs really look like,” Rowe said. [T]he average person wouldn’t know a bomb from a sofa.”

Though as the narrative continues to unfold, the incident was much more than a simple misunderstanding. The “clock” looked a lot more like a bomb, than a clock, and Ahmed Mohamed, and his parents, were frequent activists and trouble makers. Mr. Rowe jumped into the fray. Mr. Rowe doesn’t seem to think so.

Here’s a picture of the “clock.”

You can watch Mr. Rowe’s comments below:

What do you think of Mr. Rowe’s comments? Could this “clock” be considered a bomb? Are most Americans clueless as to what one would look like? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.