Outrage: Pastors BANNED from Calling Homosexuality a Sin in this State

obama-same-sexYou knew when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage, that there would be a ripple effect. We’re seeing in businesses being forced to make cakes against their beliefs. We’re seeing it in schools teaching lesbian sex education as early as sixth grade.

And now we’re seeing it in what religious pastors can and cannot say. According to The Conservative Tribune:

The state of Kentucky has set in motion a religious test for pastors volunteering as youth counselors, demanding they stop referring to homosexuality as a sin. They have even dismissed a pastor who cannot accommodate this requirement.


Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, discovered the news and has since sent a letter to Bob Hayter, Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice commissioner, demanding the state stops the test and reinstates the dismissed counselor.


Liberty Counsel writes that the removal of volunteer youth pastor and counselor David Wells was “blatantly unconstitutional.”


The removal of Wells was issued by Warren County Regional Juvenile Detention Center as a result of the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice Policy 912, which mandates support of homosexuality and transvestism.

We saw this coming. It’s here. As the liberals follow their plans to destroy Christianity and dismantle the tenets of American life, we have to increase our awareness and those we care about if we are going to restore America and the values that made it great.

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