See Which Former Obama Official Thinks Snowden Performed a “Public Service”

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 6.13.02 PMYou don’t read about Obama officials speaking highly of NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden, but one former head of the Department of Justice did just that.

It came during a recent interview about Mr. Snowden’s exploits, according to The Daily Caller:

Eric Holder, former attorney general under Barack Obama, said in a recent interview that Edward Snowden performed a “public service” when he leaked U.S. intelligence surveillance capabilities.


In an interview with David Axelrod on “The Axe Files” podcast, Holder said, “We had the capacity to do a whole range of things under these listening programs, but after a while, I remember sending memos to the president and asking, ‘Do we really need to do this, given the way in which we are focusing on people’s lives and given the return that we were getting?’ Which was not, I think in any ways substantial.”


“We can certainly argue about the way in which Snowden did what he did, but I think that he actually performed a public service by raising the debate that we engaged in and by the changes that we made.”


“Now I would say that doing what he did — and the way he did it — was inappropriate and illegal,” Holder claimed. “He could have gone to Congress and done these kinds of things.”

It’s interesting how Mr. Holder side-stepped by recognizing the public service, while mentioning illegal activities. However, it was Mr. Holder’s same Justice Department that sought to get Mr. Snowden extradited and brought back to the U.S. to face punishment.

So, it’s hard to know if Mr. Holder is serious or just trying to prop up the ratings of a fellow Democrat’s new TV show.

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