Seriously? Activist Claims Military Football Players Prayers Inspire ISIS…and Is Attempting To Block

In the file of ‘you can make this up,’ a religious freedom (oppression) activist is claiming that the public prayer cadets from US Air Force Academy Football players make before games is inspiring ISIS. Seriously, the activist feels this gross display of christian fundamentalism is ‘putrid’ and fodder for hate groups like ISIS. According to The Blaze:

Activist Mikey Weinstein believes that the team prayers that are regularly uttered before Air Force Academy football games are blatantly unconstitutional and “putrid,” charging that they provide a “propaganda bonanza for [the Islamic State].”


The debate over the Air Force Falcons players’ pre-game prayers on the field has gone viral in recent days, with strong opinions emerging on both sides of the divide.

As for Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, a First Amendment group, he’s doubling down on his opposition to the prayers, telling TheBlaze on Thursday that the inspector general at the Colorado-based Air Force Academy is currently looking into the matter.


The academy, too, has confirmed that an investigation is ongoing.


“The United States Air Force Academy is attentive to all religious freedom concerns, and we are conducting an inquiry into the complaint,” the academy said in a statement issued to KNSD-TV. “The Air Force is dedicated to maintaining an environment in which people can realize their highest potential, regardless of personal religious or other beliefs.”


Despite the investigation, Weinstein told TheBlaze that he has little hope that the outcome will be favorable toward his cause, as the issue has been sent to the academy’s athletic department for an internal review.


“We don’t have any expectations that they are going to do the right thing,” Weinstein said, adding that he plans to potentially take the issue to federal court, pending whether or not he can secure John and Jane Doe protections for the five players who complained about the invocations.

It’s interesting that when a muslim or other non-christian religious individual wants to pray or have an institution cater to their needs, such activists are in favor of accommodating their desires. But, when a christian individual, or group, simply displays their faith, that is somehow bad.

These are religious players who are thanking the God of their understanding and showing respect with prayer. The fact that someone is protesting that is pathetic at best. What do you think? Is this an issue of separation of church and state? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

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