Target’s Decision to Open Bathrooms to Both Genders Creates HUGE Backlash

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When Target stores announced they were opening their bathrooms to both genders, they thought they were satisfying the social justice warriors and avoiding conflict. However, the strategy has backfired, creating a huge backlash as over 1 million people have signed on to boycott the store.

According to Breitbart:

More than 1,000,000 people have signed the boycott pledge against Target, following the secretive decision by executives to open all of their stores’ bathrooms and changing rooms to people of both sexes.


Late Thursday night, roughly 75 people a minute were adding their name to the petition as it clicked over 1 million, just after 10:30 pm Eastern Time.


“That’s a million families who are going to spread the word about Target, so they may not get those customers back,” or their money, said Tim Wildmon, President of the American Family Association, which has hosted the boycott.


Target’s “management is just going to have step up here [and] say ‘We’re selling hammers and hats, we’re not into social engineering,’” he said.
Just reached 1 million signatures! #BoycottTarget

— American Family Assc (@AmericanFamAssc) April 29, 2016


The boycott was announced April 20th by the association, one day after Target revealed its decision to favor its few transgender customers and staff over the rest of the population. A study of the 2010 census data suggests that only about 1 in 2,400 adults change their names to match names used by the opposite sex.


Wildmon’s association wants to affirm people’s privacy in bathrooms and changing rooms, but also block the progressives’ multi-front push to stigmatize and outlaw any recognition of the average differences between men and women, and boys and girls. The LGBT agenda “is being rammed down people’s throats, and people are losing their jobs because of it, and it is becoming so that you can’t think differently from these people or you’re [called] a hater or a bigot,” he said.

When 1 million families are willing to sign a petition, Target knows that for every one that signed, there are at least 10 others that feel the same way but did not sign.

And with increasing publicity around grown men walking into the ladies room at Target, families are concerned about sending their young daughters unaccompanied into the ladies room.

Overall, it’s a PR nightmare for Target who either has to reverse course, or see another million names added to the list.

What do you think of Target’s decision? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.


  • JoeOhio

    Whether you have a God, believe in God or Believe this is Biblically wrong, even a child is aware of the problems caused by sharing such a personal and exposing function between biological sexes Vs. hurt feelings. Companies are not required to be politically correct and neither is Government. We have become a society of fools and laughing stock of the world over this kind of stupidity. We have to stop supporting these companies to the extent of bankruptcy but we just keep on shopping there as we complaign about their policies. Stop shopping at Target now!

    • destiny

      I will never go to Target again.

    • Julia

      I absolutely agree!

    • ericsiverson

      I would like to know by what power have we forced these same stupid rules to all countries all over the world . Why have they accepted gay marriage so fast

      • JoeOhio

        Are you referring to “all those other countries” all over the world who are much worse off than our country in every way? Never fear, Eric, we are heading for the same shape they are in. Remember the Huston mayor requesting the sermons of the preachers to make sure they aren’t telling the part of the Bible that speaks against this matter? Hmmmmm, how many times has Huston flooded since then and how many times previous? Look it up. I know you liberals don’t like “facts” but they still tell the story. I actually have no problems with your sexual preferences as I hope you have no problem with mine. I simply don’t want you exposing yourself to my grand daughter because of that preference as I won’t to yours. Inclusion runs both ways.

    • Dick

      Some stores in my area will price match Target’s ads. I can spend my money and still get their loss leaders at these stores.

  • Marc E.

    Is this a trick question, or has this nation truly expended nearly every ounce of common sense it seemed to process in spades 50+ years ago? I mean, you aren’t really that stupid, are you? The question shouldn’t be what I think, but what does GOD ALMIGHTY think? No doubt that’s the question you lack the BALLS to ask…or answer truthfully.

    • Mohammad bin Hosed

      I’d hazard a guess that God Almighty is just looking at this issue with kind of bemused wonderment. Unless something horrible happens.

  • Joe

    There is no such thing as a constitutional right to use a ladies’ room if you have a schwantz between your legs. Moreover, a letter from a gay president should not supersede a woman’s right to privacy. The Privacy Act of 1974 provides safeguards against invasion of personal privacy through the misuse of records by Federal Agencies. So the government forbids invasion of personal privacy when it comes to records, but it’s okay with the invasion of personal privacy when it comes to a woman’s naked body? Thanks, Obama, you’ve trashed the laws of nature and morality again.

    • destiny

      So correct!

  • Nadia

    There is an easy solution target can build unisex bathrooms if they feel they need to accommodate those who are transexuals. This action by target is an outright attack against heterosexual women and girls. It is just wrong and irresponsible. I guess that women can also go into the men’s room should they choose to. What is this country coming to????

    • S. Wicks Jr

      Welcome to Obamy world where boys are girls and girls are boys….. Bet his duaghters do NOT share a bathroom with the opposite sex at their schools….

  • mysweetlizzie

    God is looking down at America in disdain

    • harvey bumfelder

      I doubt that. I suspect God gave up on the U.S.A. a long time ago. Don’t forget that Target also refuses to support any military related charities.

  • destiny

    I dare some freak with a third leg to come into a ladies room when I am there. It will be dragged out by its genitals and tazed into oblivion!

    • harvey bumfelder

      And then you will most likely get arrest and/or sued. The bumblement has spoken on this issue and it is now the law. Although my understanding there has not been any law enacted… just executive fiat from our “Change You Need” presidential administration.

      • Palomar Jack

        Then that administration needs to be changed, post haste.

    • Palomar Jack

      Now there you go, takes care of herself, stands for what’s right and probably likes being a woman.

  • Kaptein Nimolya

    If Americans do not wake up soon, we will collapsed just like other Empires of the past. We have been invaded from the Southern Borders and now we are loosing our common sense, I believed that education have some to do with it. As now we are in thirty second place in the developed World. Again that maybe the reason we do not know that the Latino and Hispanic people are Caucasians from the Roman and Hispanic Empires. The people from the Southern borders are Natives of the Americans and Mestizo people, they build the pyramids in Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, on and on. The Latinos and the Hispanics build Castles, a Navy and and Army to discovered, conquered, colonized educated, developed the World and the Christians Extremists committed the American genocides .I am Capt. Nimolya, EX-Guerrilla Fighter

  • Ed Newhall

    I destroyed my red card – I have a wife and 3 girls and don’t want them subjected to possible embarrassment or even worse an attack by a pervert posing as a transsexual

  • Ed Newhall

    BTW I don’t go to places banning firearms either so never go to Panera bread.

  • J. Harp


  • Boogie

    This may be more about perverts than equality. Not that I believe that equality has anything to do with going to the bathroom. The whole deal is a bridge too far!!! It is so stupid it’s hard to believe it’s even going on at this level.
    Dear America, What kind of wimps have we turned into that we have to go along with this bullshit that has nothing to do with being gay? Phony political correctness is destroying our Country? It’s a bunch of crap!!

    • Dick

      I really believe that Obama did this to take attention away from the other things he, Hillary and the democrat party has done to Obama. If the press is focusing on this, they don’t spend time on Hillary’s emails, her speaking fees, her history of missing associates, the Obama Iran deal, Obamacare and the insurance companies bailing on it, rate increases on Obamcare, the illegal aliens and crimes committed by them. This is just another Obama smoke screen.

      • Boogie

        Even though I know you’re absolutely correct, I took the bait. What we need is more people like you to keep reminding everyone. Really and Thank you. Reminding me to be conscious of being conscious.

  • David Stewart

    All Target stores have big steel or concrete balls out front, perhaps as traffic bumpers. I think they should repaint these balls(they’re red) in a rainbow mottif to remind their loyal customers what sexual oreintation the store espouses!

  • grannylake

    Target has nothing that I cannot find in another store except men in the ladies bathrooms.

  • Mohammad bin Hosed

    WTF has happened to common sense? If you’ve got a penis, stay out of women’s bathrooms. If you’ve got a vagina, stay out of men’s bathrooms.

    • Stan


  • Harris Leck
  • American ex-Pat

    A million-plus signatures on a petition sends a very strong message, however the value of Target stock taking a $4-5 Billion drop, and that is Billion with a capital B will likely have the board of directors planning a mutiny in regards to the current CEO Brian C. Cornell. But keep riding that horse Target, let’s see how long the legs hold out on that nag. Also noting that Target still hasn’t weathered the loss of consumer confidence after the huge data breech of customer data!

  • ericsiverson

    why not all just use one bathroom women can go on the even hours and men can go on the odd hours and transgenders can go the last two minutes of every hour . Use the money saved by all using one bathroom to lower prices in the store .

  • tarheel

    Bought a new mattress. Needed new sheets. Thought I would have to go to Target just up the street. On the way to the dump to dispose of the old mattress……I passed a Kohl’s. The story gets Evan better. I got 2 sets of King sheets, 500 thread count on sale from $89 to $59. When I arrived at the cashier, I was offered a kohl’s card worth another 30% discount saving about $50. I did not like target before, after their queer agenda I liked them Evan less and now I have discovered a new place to shop.

  • billybonney

    I will go by what Obama says….

  • guest

    Chaos and confusion are always the calling card of Satan, and given that our current President is under the control of Satan, our laws are now becoming perverted

  • bobbronson

    So I’m exercising my right to discriminate against Target and not shop there.

  • Penny Story

    There is nothing in Target stores that cannot be bought in some other store. Boycott until their doors are closed permanently.