The President Still Can’t Say Radical Islam Even When It Was Announced Just Before Orlando Shooter Started Firing

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Before the Orlando shooter opened fire, he called 911 and announced his loyalty to ISIS.

This was reported far and wide, so every American had already heard the motivation of the shooter.

But apparently the President wasn’t briefed, or he simply chose not to bring attention to it.

According to The Blaze:

Speaking at the White House Sunday afternoon, President Barack Obama called the shooting that took place at Pulse nightclub in Orlando an “act of terror” and an “act of hate.”


He added that the FBI is investigating the massacre as an act of terrorism. Obama assured that no effort will be spared to determine whether the shooter was affiliated with terrorist groups like the Islamic State.


The president spoke at the White House after 50 people were killed in what is now the worst mass shooting in the nation’s history. Officials have said 53 more are hospitalized.

Obama noted that the killer targeted a gay nightclub, calling the incident a “sobering reminder” that an attack on any American is an attack “on all of us.”



Earlier Sunday morning, the White House released a statement regarding the shooting. It reads, in part:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of the victims. The President asked to receive regular updates as the FBI, and other federal officials, work with the Orlando Police to gather more information, and directed that the federal government provide any assistance necessary to pursue the investigation and support the community.

June is international Gay Pride Month. Just one day before the mass shooting, President Obama delivered a speech at the White House honoring the members of the LGBT community who “paved the way for progress” by advocating for gay rights around the world.

It’s interesting that the President even said ‘act of terror’ without asking for all the facts to be gathered in case the events didn’t fit his narrative. For now, the President can’t hide the terrorist nature of the attack, but still refuses to address Radical Islam.

This President has never used the words ‘Radical Islam’ nor ever faulted it as a motivation for crime. He chooses, instead, to blame the weapon – and not the person or their ideologies – for the crime.

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  • USDefender

    I think our president is a devout Muslim who cannot get a grasp on reality.
    I think our president was elected under false colors, he is not what he said he was.
    I think if we are to have any salvation to rebuild the nation Obama has hurt so much through his policies while in office, he should be removed from office as soon as possible!

  • Diacro

    Well well, the far, radical, extremist right has gone pc !!! To the farout’s the term “Radical Islam” has some sort of a warm and fuzzy affect on their thinking. Of course the almost fascist right has no idea at all about diplomacy. And apparently could care less.

    • Phil Esposito

      I think the “..apparently could care less” is correct. I’m the right and I could give a f**k about diplomacy when these fkg muslims are killing Americans. Your fkg diplomacy got us into this s*it. You stupid POS MF.

      • Diacro

        good for you! Feel better, be careful not to step in it. The aroma may be politically correct radical right quasi-fascist nonsense and total ignorance.

        • Phil Esposito

          Bite me pickle lips.

  • Diacro

    Who has shot more Americans, in America = radical Islam or radical Christian ???