Trey Gowdy Sees It Happening Again And Wants You To Remember

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 5.32.00 PMThe recent terrorist attack in Orlando caused Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) to flashback to his frustrating exchange with a Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. The exchange highlighted the fact that DHS put people on the no-fly list, and want to deny those same people the right to buy firearms. The challenge for Mr. Gowdy is the DHS is unwilling to share how someone ends up on the no-fly list and what rights the American citizen has to defend themselves before being put on the list.

According to The Blaze:

To combat the common liberal call for gun control that follows terror attacks, Gowdy reminded a confused Burriesci that the right of every U.S. citizen to own a firearm is affirmed in the Constitution, and that there’s a certain “process” that takes place before that right is stripped.


“What process is currently afforded an American citizen before they go on that list?” Gowdy said.


Burriesci denied that such a process exists. She casually added, however, that those who “feel that they are unduly placed on that list” can just “petition the government” to be removed.


“Yes, there is,” Gowdy contended. “When I say ‘process,’ I’m actually using half of the term ‘due process,’ which is a phrase we find in the Constitution.”


“Can you name another Constitutional right that is chilled until you find out it is chilled, and then you have to petition the government to get it back?” he continued.


“Sir, there are strict criteria before anybody …  Burriesci began.


“That is not my question,” Gowdy interjected. “My question is what process is afforded a United States citizen before that person’s Constitutional right is infringed?”


He then asked if there is another Constitutional right that receives the same treatment commonly used to deny citizens their Second Amendment rights.

“Can you think of one?”


“I don’t have an answer for you, sir,” Burriesci said.

It’s easy to see why Mr. Gowdy remembers this exchange in light of Orlando. The DHS is focused on removing all threats to the U.S. government and wants to use the Orlando shooting as further justification to do an end-around the Second Amendment by taking guns away from lawful citizens without due process by adding them to the no-fly list.

For anyone who thought this administration was anything other than authoritarian and totalitarian, they are reminded of their ill-intent with their recent exploitation of the Orlando shooting.

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You can watch the exchange below:



15 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy Sees It Happening Again And Wants You To Remember

  1. nicholsda

    The whole point of gun control is not the gun, it is the control. The people in DHS can’t even keep from hiring people who will try to attack them from the inside of that agency. McCarthy was close when he went on the witch hunts in the 50s. He just picked the wrong group to make sure never got into gov’t.

    1. Ponderosa

      I think they know precisely what they are doing. The only reason I can see is to use them to create a state emergency, martial law, compete government control and finally join a one world government… and do NOT expect that to be a democracy of any sort. I cannot fathom their lust for power! When they die they cannot take it with them.

  2. tarheel

    Thank you Mr. Gowdy. Once you are put on the list for what ever BS reason the gov’t can come up with? she said you may petition the gov’t for redress. Yeah… that will ever happen.

    1. Jake319

      The patriot act was expressly written to restrict knowledge of how alleged terrorist are tracked. The republicans wanted it that way so terrorist could not side step the investigations. Gowdy is a hick politician with zero knowledge of security. Milo is an alarmist agitator.

      1. Ponderosa

        And the sitting admin has always wanted that AND more government ability to do as they please regardless of our individual rights. Orlando proves that they favor a minority based on a religion and are impotent even with all of their surveillance. They have a better chance at catching a paperwork mistake on a law abiding person or business and prosecuting the good guys than even thwarting a terrorist.

  3. marshmil

    Looks like the KGB is now in control. The sooner this Alinsky worshiping foreign student is out of the Crescent Office the better the USA will be. Thanks to the low information voters who put him there along with the socialists who want a totalitarian regime. So the evil bottom line is: Put someone on the no-fly list and that will prevent that person from being able to purchase a gun. Make up a BS excuse for this immoral act. How clever. What an evil generation we have running the US Government now. The End Time seems to be getting here sooner than expected.

  4. James Denton

    Regardless of what anyone thinks…. Or how they feel… No matter how passionate they plea…. We Must Not Give In To Gun Control…. Every take over and purge of citizens started with gun control, gun registration, and then confiscation. Your government fears you…. What laws and changes would they pursue if we were unarmed….? You already know the answer just look at history

      1. Ponderosa

        Infringed meas ANYTHING that makes it more difficult including waiting periods, background checks, limits on magazine capacities, fully or semi auto, sound suppressors, caliber, registration, licensing of ANY kind, registration of ANY kind. The ONLY restriction I see as constitutional is keeping the limit to what are call “small arms” not UN nor US liberal definition but by dictionary: “Man portable, individual, and crew-served weapon systems used mainly against personnel and lightly armored or unarmored equipment.” Those one world order and liberal “we know better than you” would have us restricted to water pistols and only with background check and license. …and the water pistol cannot look “scary”. Giving respect to the “progressives” who say our US Constitution should “evolve”, imo, rights be expanded to include anti-tank weapons. The reason for the right is to be able to reign in our government, not hunt wildlife.

  5. jwood1952

    Well what is their process? Why can’t they make her divulge the process. We American’s pay for it. I’ve heard at least half are there because of IRS debt. While we want to get folks to pay their taxes, I don’t see where tax debtors should be banned from buying weapons to protect themselves. Everywhere you turn in Obama’s govt. one thing is constant we never get an answer. This is BS.

    1. Ponderosa

      Democrats don’t need no steenking process! Another infringement or blatant trespass over a basic constitutionally guaranteed right means nothing to them.

    2. nicholsda

      But they are the most transparent admin ever. We can see through everything they do and know it is wrong.

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