US Marine Awesome Tweet to Students Seeking Free Education

marinemarchYou gotta love the Marines. Whatever they put in their chow must be working as recently US Marine James Erikson had an important message for those kids protesting for a free education…basically, work for it.

This was in response to the college kids protesting for a free education as part of the Million Student March. According to The Blaze:

They wanted only three things: tuition-free education, cancellation of all student debt and $15 minimum wage for campus workers.

Well, James Erickson shared with the student protesters that he, too, marched when he wanted money to pay for college.

Thing is, he’s a U.S Marine — and his march was nothing like the student protesters experienced:

Sounds reasonable right? Free education, cancellation of all student debt and $15/hour guaranteed. Well, sounds reasonable as a kid, of course, us adults recognize someone’s got to pay for all that entitlement. Not to mention cancelling of previous contracts – debt.

That seems to be the problem with liberals and other socialist/collectivist – reality. Someone has to pay for all the social engineering and entitlement programs they keep dreaming up.

To paraphrase US Marine James Erikson, “take a walk.”

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