US Marines At Breaking Point – Obama Admin Takes No Responsibility – Guess Who They Blame

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 9.58.18 AMFor the White House Press Secretary to defend Obama’s record with the military with a straight-face is a feat of discipline and control. No President has been more anti-military then Obama and for his Press Secretary, a professional liar, to avoid any responsibility for the state of the US Marine Corps after severe maintenance issues were revealed, is unconscionable.

It happened during a recent press conference according to The Blaze:

A majority of Marine Corps aircraft can’t fly, prompting Marine officials to warn that the aviation corps is reaching a “breaking point,” Fox News reported.

Years of airstrikes in Afghanistan, Iraq and battling the Islamic State have taken its toll on the aircraft.


“Quite honestly, it is coming on the backs of our young Marines,” Lt. Col. Matthew “Pablo” Brown, commanding officer of VMFA (AW)-533, a Hornet squadron based at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort in South Carolina. “They can do it, and they are doing it, but it is certainly not easy.”


Fewer than one-third of the 276 F/A-18 Hornet strike fighters are ready to fly, Fox reported. Meanwhile, just 42 of 147 heavy-lift CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters are ready to fly.


Defense spending in 2010 was $691 billion, but in 2015, that dropped to $560 billion.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest blamed much of this on Republicans in Congress.


“I can’t provide an update for you in terms of the current condition of the air wing of the Marine corps, what I will say generally is we’ve been quite concerned about the approach that Congress has taken to funding our defense priorities,” Earnest told TheBlaze. “There has been a willingness on the part of Republicans to champion the sequester that has had a negative impact on the ability to fund our core defense programs.”


Still, Earnest added there are “legitimate places where defense spending can be cut” for the sake of “smart budgeting.”


“Those are the types of decision middle class families make around the kitchen table every day, or at least every month,” Earnest said.


Further, it sometimes takes Marines 18 months to get parts for the early F-18 jets. Production of these jets was stopped in 2001.

From Fox News:

The cuts include those made by the Obama administration as well as the sequestration cutbacks agreed to by Congress.

Lt. Col Thomas, call sign “Crash,” deployed to the Pacific with 10 jets last year. Only seven made it. A fuel leak caused his F/A-18 to catch fire in Guam. Instead of ejecting, he landed safely, saving taxpayers $29 million.

Thomas has deployed eight times in all, including six to Iraq and Afghanistan. Right now only two of his 14 Hornets can fly. His Marines deploy in three months.

“We are supposed to be doing the type of maintenance like you would take your car to Jiffy Lube for replacing fluids, doing minor inspections, changing tires, things of that nature, not building airplanes from the ground up,” he added.

This story was updated to include a comment from White House press secretary Josh Earnest.

That’s why citizens don’t trust their government. Regardless of how blatantly bad something is, or how obvious, you won’t find anyone, especially the press secretary for the President, taking responsibility. It’s appalling.

What do you think? Is the Press Secretary accurate? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

  • John B

    Could you repeat the situation about the Marines not having enough aircrafts? I don’t think the anti-American Muslim world got it.

    • Julia

      Great reply!

      • Boogie

        What is wrong with you people? Not enough war for you yet?

        • PatsFan

          As soon as the others guys don’t have a vote on the war, we’ll listen to a weak a** f*ggot like you.

          • Jake319

            What are you crying about? Vote? Sissy from Boston

          • PatsFan

            The “vote” I’m referring to is the actions of the enemy that dictate you’re in a fight whether you want to be or not. You’re a dumb F.

        • Kirby

          My take is that you would have kissed the fannies of the Nazis in World War II. What is wrong with you people who seem to think pacifism is going to stop war?

          • Jake319

            We haven’t won a war since the 1847 war with Mexico. Think we learn by now.

          • Kirby

            No, I don’t, but I don’t agree with flopping over on my back with my arms and legs in the air in a submissive posture.
            Having “not won a war since 1847”, we have somehow managed to turn back the Nazis from taking all of Europe and then our own shores. The Japanese likewise on the Pacific front. Most of the population today has not been brought up on almost any history at all except that fed them through Liberal/leftist humanities professors whose agendas are the establishment of themselves along with the CFR and a few other established (read self appointed) elitists of the OWG/Plato ilk who having succeeded in dumbing down our nation into a herd of ignorant cattle, now presume to enthrone themselves over the their elitist produced and generated cattle.

            The Nazis and Japanese produced a brutal and ruthless class of elitists who thought of themselves as some kind of superior being far above any consideration of any population as anything more than an ant hill to be used for their own sick purposes and amusements.

            Every war since the French War was manipulated by the elitist banker communities who really didn’t care who won the wars as long as they ended up richer and sitting on ever higher pinnacles above us serfs.

            I’m not going down as one of the subjugated class. Will I “win”? That’s irrelevant, but at least having fought and died I don’t end up naked and manacled against a cold rock wall in some dark dungeon to be used at the whim of some sick and perverted animal who presumes himself to be an elevated being. Or perhaps the varying tactics of the Islamic militant factions who delight in humiliating and degrading human beings before torturously putting an end to the miserable life of their dhimmi/kafir (kafir means excrement) toys.

            I will choose my own end thank you.

          • Boogie

            So I guess if you don’t want war you’re a pacifist. If you don’t hate everything then you must love everything. If it’s not black it must be white?
            ….and you want to know what’s wrong ?
            Maybe you need to recognize what is bait or not and see that the darkness is feeding this monster being reported by the MSM………..But please understand that wanting war isn’t about strength but rather just the opposite. It only expresses weakness.

          • Kirby

            You’re making a rash assumption oh obtuse one. Because I don’t choose to roll over and submit myself to the amusements of a sick perverted animal who wants me in a cold dark dungeon for his own personal play toy, because I choose to defend myself, doesn’t make me one who “chooses war”.

            Thirteen centuries of Muslim conquests and the utter failure of literally dozens of treaties that they never intended to honor, and over 260,000,000 slaughtered and tens of millions enslaved as laborers and the sex toys of a perverted and demented class of sub humans that delighted in humiliating their countless millions, were finally defeated not by the submissive greenie solution of the Liberal/leftist factions of today but only through military conquest – the only thing despots and the repugnant understand.

            It’s all right to sit behind your little tinker toy desk and fabricate fantasied ideologies that presume to offer solutions to the perverted and sick minds of the evil. That way has never succeeded against any but a people who have some semblance of moral character. That leaves out all those who are infected with the Islamic virus. There is no moral escape from the Muslim Sharia Law system. Same applies to those manipulating wars for their own purposes.

            I don’t choose war. It is thrust upon me and I choose to defend myself rather than shove my head in the sand, shove my butt in the air, and then presume this will mollify those who hunt me.

            You are a deluded ideologue who lives in a bubble of your own fabrication. Since our nation was formed, millions have died and been disabled by defending the very liberties you squander while living in this dream world of yours that comes nowhere hear reality.

            A little suggestion. Do everything you can to find the history books of old that spelled out the horrible realities of submitting to evil. A cancer won’t go away by playing pussy foot with it. It is mindless and evil. You attack it until either it or you are dead.

            Again, you err in thinking to assume my choices are that of war. war is already well upon us. I choose to defend myself.

  • Joseph J. Pippet

    JMJ Mr. Josh Earnest is a Professional Liar, That’s why he’s paid big bucks (that’s why he was hired) it was known he could be bought, I guess that still makes him a Son of Satan, like his Boss President Obama and his (Obama’s) cabinet. John B a Thoughtful man. Most Catholic’s in Politics seem to be Sons of Satan. No matter who the voters elect to be president, May Jesus forgive US, have Mercy on US, Have mercy on US! Respectfully with Love, Joseph J. Pippet, North Cape May, N.J.

    • Boogie

      Jesus? Are you serious?

      • dmengdon

        Another lost soul, I pray you’ll find your way and soon. Were watching biblical end of days prophecy coming true before our very eyes. I’ll say a prayer for you.

        • Jake319

          It’s to late for praying. Your corrupt country is circling the drain

          • Nellie McConnell

            Praying for you.

          • Jake319

            That’s all you republicans do is pray. Didnt you pray after sandy hook, aurora, Iraq ……. God didnt seem to hear them.
            Your prayers are selfish acts of cowardice.
            You conservative only pray for your our benifits. That’s why nothing will change.

          • dmengdon

            So Jake me praying for you is for my benefit? Trust me it’s for your benefit.

            Jake don’t blame God for mans evil nobody commits acts of evil in Gods name yet Muslims commit atrocities in Allah’s name every day, think about it. God gave us free will and I hope eventually you choose to save yourself through God.

          • Jake319

            I don’t. Need saving by your god and most certainly I don’t want your prayers. Your praying is a selfish act. That all religions use as a rationalization to avoid living in gods world.

          • dmengdon

            Dear Jake I’m sorry you’re filled with so much hate and anger. I take no offense because I know where it comes from. Someday soon you’ll realize everything I’ve stated is true, I can only hope you learn before it’s too late. I’ll continue to pray for you. Have a nice life.

          • dmengdon

            Happy fathers Jake I’m sorry you feel that way but prayer is needed more than ever today. I want you to know I said a prayer for you right after I posted my reply.

            I agree our country’s corrupt and circling the drain but the whole worlds corrupt and going down the drain with us, the worlds economy will collapse. I said this was prophesied in the Bible. ISIS and the Muslim infiltration throughout the world was prophesied too. The battle between Muslim country’s soon to begin is a battle for control over the Islam Caliphate. A form of a one world order is on the way mostly controlled by Muslim with Sharia law in effect. America per Obamacare requires everybody to be implanted with a microchip beginning in 2017, I’m sure wherever you live there’s something like this in effect. This too was prophesied and the end of the world as we know is just around the corner leaving total chaos in it’s wake.

            I’m sorry you don’t believe in God Jake when the evidence of his existence is all around you. I’ll pray again God opens your eyes so you too can see. God loves you and want’s you to spend eternity with him.

          • Jake319

            Save your rightious dribble. I don’t care to spend eternity with the entitlement crowd. The world is not corrupt as right wing Americans. Who have started wars that have killed more women and children then soldiers. You should be praying god doesn’t send you to the depths of hell for not stopping the madness. Your prayers won’t protect you only rightious acts of kindness in gods teaching will.

  • Nellie McConnell

    Trump is fighting a fixed, fraud, voting. Plus the illegals, Non-citizen and criminal who will vote in CA will Drivers license ID.
    Obama and Clinton are to blame. Clinton on exclusive orders, GUN FREE BASES. OBAMA CUT COAST GUARD TOO.

    • Jake319

      Lol…..your ignorant.

      • Nellie McConnell

        I live in CA and very close to borders. Have access to information that average citizen don’t have. WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE WITH OPEN BORDERS.

        • Jake319

          Boo ho….your access to any knowledge comes from am radio

          • dmengdon

            I’ll assume you’re a liberal and with that being the case why do liberals always try to denigrate someone with the Rush Limbaugh Fox News conservative am radio bull. There’s a world of verifiable information out there to corroborate what someone like Nellie’s said. I’m sorry your to lazy to do any research yourself. Typical liberal to try and denigrate and resort to name calling when they have nothing substantial to say.

          • Jake319

            There is nothing substantial to say about you or any of your republican ilk. Your all afraid and like it. Name calling please! Conservative Believe they are special. Your not special your scared you will loss your SS disability checks and food stamps. So you go alone with marginalizing taxpaying americans with your hate speech.

          • Kirby

            Your generalized BS is crap right out of the toilet. take a course on thinking skills and logical debate. You’re not talking to your run of the mill leftist zombie ilk here.
            Go back to kindergarten.

      • Nellie McConnell

        My grandson in Coast Guard, the Coast Guard to protect our coasts! His group was sent to Middle. East. Why! They are needed to control drugs and boat loads of illegal.

  • ITSa341

    I seem to remember the sequester cuts being Obama’s idea and since it passed he has continually blamed them on Republicans. Did he not sign them into law also?
    What a sad state of affairs our MSM has fallen into that they don’t even question the lies much less point them out and call Obama out on them.

  • Dr. Clifford N. Alford

    The Press Secretary is not responsible, and his boss is irresponsible. What a pair they make!

  • Boogie

    They all lie, it’s what they do all the time, all of them.
    Here’s an idea…….Maybe we should just stop being at war with the rest of the world? Enough is enough already with Blackwater pretending to be ISIS and the Pentagon pretending to be bombing them. The joke is over.

  • Boogie

    These are not the end times. my friend and thank you for your prayers. I think what’s ending is the old paradigm of power and corruption. A new day is coming and it will be good……Although it may take a little longer do not dispare. Keep the faith for better days ahead.

    • dmengdon

      Boogie it’s sad you’re so wrong Armageddon is upon us and you too can realize this by turning your life over to God. Most Christians are aware of this. Everything going on the world today is prophesied in the bible. They’ve been debating this in theology for years and the Christian population thought it was end of days after the great depression and World War 2. They were wrong of course. God gives us signs to be aware of in the bible with some from the book of Daniel not being revealed until Jesus Christ’s return was just around the corner. Those signs were recently revealed.

      Iran’s been attacking the US dollar trying to bankrupt America’s fracking industry through low oil prices and selling their oil to country’s who only pay with Euros or any other currency. In time America will be bankrupt with plans already in place to confiscate it’s citizens money while paying with cash will be illegal.

      Iran’s going to war with neighboring country’s for control of the Islamic Caliphate which I’ll say is almost here. Muslims have been pouring into America and other country’s taking advantage of their refugee programs. Muslims will soon be ready to implement Sharia law and kill those who won’t accept Allah and the rest of us infidels.

      I know you think what I’ve stated is pure fantasy but I have links to corroborate all of this with more and is yours upon asking. I’d rather you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior and start reading the bible then you’ll be able to accept, see and prepare yourself for the hard times ahead. Happy fathers day.

  • Holy Shirt

    Marine aircraft are grounded, along with their payloads. Why isn’t MARINE ONE?.

    • Watch it

      Thanks for the humor! 🙂

    • PatsFan

      Sadly, it would be the last aircraft fleet grounded.

      • Nellie McConnell

        Obama’s rides are armored and go every place he goes. Another airplane transports his rides.
        The Obama off to another vacation in Europe. Check with Judicial Watch on tax dollars for Obama family vacations.



  • PatsFan

    The Brown Clown and his a-hole press spokeswoman (Josh) are both disgraces. Sequestration, the brainchild of Jack Lew, another Obama incompetent.

    • Jake319

      Another ignorant conservative. If you remember the sick republicans wanted to shut the government down if sequester was not adopted…since then our economy has limbed along at a growth rate of less the 1.3%/yr…
      You the incompetent you all you do is parrot the corporate propaganda machine. What a weakling you are.

      • PatsFan

        Wow, belt-fed stupidity from you. You really ought to refrain from posting. Too f-ing stupid.

  • Jake319

    $700 billion for the military every year. How does the marines not have spare parts? This is a propaganda. The us military leadership is as corrupt as the republican party.

  • Boogie

    What are you so afraid of ? Life will go on in spite of the so called end times. It’s just another way to keep the population in a negative mind set so the dark side can feed off your energy. Don’t take the bait, we are all going to be fine and tomorrow will continue to show up. We have already made it past the worst of it so give yourself a break and chill while soaking in the beautiful sunrise.
    “This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius” Not the dark ages.
    Do you know it takes way more energy to frown than it does to smile? True story.