Watch And Decide If Bill Maher Is Starting To Sound Like A Conservative

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 2.18.23 PMEither the Left is getting too bizarre in their attacks or Bill Maher is wanting to switch to the Republican party. He came to the defense of the GOP during a recent interview of liberals discussing the Brexit vote and its implications. Mr. Maher called BS on a liberal trying to attack those in opposition as Xenophobic and Mr. Maher was having none of it.

According to The Blaze:

Responding to claims that the “Brexit” vote was fueled by “xenophobia” in Britain, HBO’s Bill Maher asked a thought-provoking question of his panel: “Is it really phobia if you have something to be afraid of?”


Maher noted that 52 percent of British Muslims believe being gay should be illegal, according to a poll.


“What percentage of American Republicans believe that? Can we deport them?” liberal commentator Paul Begala replied.


Maher immediately pushed back.


“They think it should be illegal?” Maher asked incredulously.


“Sure,” Begala replied.


“That’s bulls**t, Paul,” Maher said. “Stop it.”


Maher went on to say Islam is need of reformation and the millions of moderate Muslims are afraid to speak out against the radicals due to “violent intimidation.”


“And every time someone says ‘Islamophobia,’ it gives the people who are intimidating cover,” he added.

It’s interesting how Mr. Maher has been calling out liberals for their abuse of terms like racist or xenophobe. He seems to understand the illogical attacks of the Left, and has been defending common sense in the process.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if other pundits started doing similar type of responsible journalism. The audience might get a more balanced opinion and have a more enlightened perspective.

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You can watch the exchange below:

  • Malang Sob

    It seems that Maher has his head on straight when it comes to one issue.