Watch Black Pastor Comment on Working With “Divisive Glenn Beck”

jimlowecnnYou can count on CNN and other mainstream media to find fault with a black man and white man coming together to build consensus. It seems the MSM is more interested in controversy and divisiveness (it increases ratings) than an honest review of the issues.

During a recent interview with a black pastor, the fill-in anchor seemed more interested in painting Glenn Beck as divisive. According to The Blaze:

CNN fill-in anchor Ana Cabrera claimed Beck “has made a career of being a divisive figure” and then asked why he would “team up with somebody like him” if he was seeking to promote unity.


“Because if we can bridge unity between me and a Glenn Beck, don’t you think other people can find common points of unity? The common point of unity, that every human being has a God-given right to life,” Lowe quickly replied. “Glenn Beck believes that, I believe that. That is the word of God.”


The pastor also said it’s significant that 30,000 came together in Birmingham for the “Never Again Is Now” march and “Restoring Unity” event to proclaim “life is important.”


“As long as people in the media continue to separate and bring up the things of division, we cannot bring this nation together,” he added.

It’s refreshing when someone, regardless of color, speaks about unity. It’s those in the divisive business, who must keep the focus alive on our differences. They don’t get contributions if they go out and say “all is well and getting better.”

Clearly this pastor is more interested in unity than in creating greater separation.

Watch the exchange below via CNN:

What do you think? Was the CNN anchor’s question fair? How about the Pastor’s response? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.



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