Watch Jimmy Fallon Do To Trump What You Wish You Could

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-6-25-54-pmJimmy Fallon is famous on the Tonight Show for showing enthusiasm for, and willingness to do, anything with his guests. No where was that more apparent than when Donald Trump stopped by the studio the other day and Jimmy dared to do what we’d all like to do to Donald Trump – mess up that hairdo.

According to The Blaze:

During the recording of Thursday night’s episode of “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” Donald Trump let the comedian completely mess up his hair.


After intense applause following Fallon asking Trump if he could tousle his famous hairdo, the Republican presidential nominee gave him the green light.


“The answer’s yes, but the people in New Hampshire, where I’m gonna be in about an hour from now, I hope they’re going to understand, OK?” Trump said jokingly.


“You said yes?” Fallon confirmed excitedly.


“Go ahead,” Trump replied.


The New York billionaire’s hair has been a point of interest for several years. In fact, it was five years ago when Fox News’ Megyn Kelly first checked to see if Trump’s hair was real, or just a combover.

You’ve have to see the number Fallon did on Trump’s hair:

It’s interesting that Mr. Fallon is now getting heat for a supposed soft interview. But, anyone who is familiar with Mr. Fallon knows that he celebrates people’s talents and unique personality. It’s not a question of being a soft interview, it’s a question about doing what Mr. Fallon does every night, celebrate people and bring attention to what they are known for, good and entertaining, but rarely bad or embarrassing.

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