Watch Liberal Pundit Bash Hillary for Not Watching These Videos

plannedparenthoodIn another example of liberal’s breaking ranks, an MSNBC pundit broke ranks and tried to find out why Hillary Clinton has not bothered to watch the disgusting undercover videos of Planned Parenthood representatives negotiating the sale and harvesting of babies and their organs.

Apparently, the organization still has the full support of Hillary, incriminating videos and all. According to Infowars:

An MSNBC Anchor broke the network mould Wednesday by asking some actual questions and being tough with a Hillary Clinton aide who admitted that Clinton has not bothered to watch the organ harvesting videos, despite doubling down her support for the abortion giant.


Thomas Roberts seemed to go off the script of running defense for Planned Parenthood when he tore into Clinton spokeswoman Karen Finney, calling Clinton “vulnerable” to attack for blindly defending Planned Parenthood.


“Why not see the videos?” Roberts asked, explaining that that Clinton’s defense of the organization appears ignorant given that she hasn’t explored the footage at all.

The real question, is when an apparent helpful organization is caught red-handed harvesting babies and their organs, why no outrage? There seems to be more liberal outrage over the killing of a lion than the murder of millions of babies and the harvesting of their organs.

What do you think? Should Hillary, or even Obama, watch the controversial Planned Parenthood videos? Or should they focus on more important things?

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