Liberal TV Pundit Defends Controversial Conservative Pundit Ann Coulter

It’s not everyday that a liberal pundit comes to the support of controversial conservative Ann Coulter. In fact, can you think of anytime it’s happened?

Well it happened the other night when Bill Maher, of all people, supported Ann Coulter from the ridiculous claims of a liberal guest on his show.

According to The Blaze:

HBO host Bill Maher was forced to come to Ann Coulter’s defense on Friday night after a guest claimed there is a “timeout” on illegal immigration because the U.S. economy “sucks worse than Mexico.”


Maher began the segment by playing June 2015 footage of Coulter predicting that Trump had the best chance to win in a general election. Coulter then took something of a victory lap.


“We have been asking for the wall, we have been asking for a decrease in immigration, and time after time the people rise up, shut down amnesty…and they can’t learn,” Coulter said of the Washington establishment. “I think we know now that the wall is popular.”


Nick Gillespie quickly cut in, claiming that there is currently a “timeout” in illegal immigration because the U.S. economy “sucks worse than Mexico.” He argued there has been more Mexicans leaving the U.S. than entering the country.


“That’s nonsense,” Coulter replied.


“That is nonsense,” Maher chimed in. “Our economy sucks worse than Mexico? Why don’t you move there?”

It’s interesting that Maher would risk alienating his viewers by defending Ms. Coulter, but sometimes the BS coming out of the Left is hard for even the most liberal to support.

It’s fascinating that Mr. Maher did two things to promote Ms. Coulter. First, he showed a clip of her accurate Trump prediction from a year ago. And second, he came to her defense.

Is the Left changing? Is it getting too much? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.



22 thoughts on “Liberal TV Pundit Defends Controversial Conservative Pundit Ann Coulter

  1. Rev. Jake Harrison

    Mr. Maher hardly “defended” Colter, he simply agreed with her point.Conservatism is a deadly flawed doctrine. To “conserve” is to maintain the status quo, and the result of such ignorance is Donald Trump as president even the prospect and is simply ignorance in living color. As for illegal immigrants, when it becomes a felony to hire anyone who does not possess a green card, those illegals will stop coming here to take the jobs they know are available because of the hypocrisy of the far right and conservatism of the Oligarchy that has been in control of the USA since 1776.

    1. Eldjr

      Which oligarchy are you writing of? Would you rather be under the imperatives of the “Divine Right” of popes to seat and unseat kings and subsidiary aristocrats?

      1. Rev. Jake Harrison

        I’m referring to the “Oligarchy” that founded the USA, and who’s words of wit are often quoted when “we hold these truths that all men are created equal”—they were not referring to the Native Americans (my own ancestors) whom they committed genocidal war against even to the extent of germ warfare; nor were they referring to the slaves that they made vast fortunes from either their labor or the slave trade, nor the children they produced with their slaves whom they most often sold as slaves as well. Nor the indentured servants whom they brought over from Europe by the thousands, indeed 60% of those founders were slave holders or slavers. The “Oligarchy” has changed faces only, and nothing else and are very proud to have produced individuals like yourself. Good luck, history reveals that you will need it with your mindset.

        1. Eldjr

          Well FWIW, my heritage is 1/8 Wabanaki, my Great-grandmother on my father’s side was 100%. That said, I’ll call you to admit that most Native Americans were anything but the peace-loving ‘kumbayah’ people of popular New Age fantasy. They preyed upon one another, massacred each others’ families, conducted revenge killings and wars, and some practiced ritual torture before mercifully killing their victims.

          The “All men are created equal” principle as recorded in the Declaration of Independence is the IDEAL which was to strike at the base of tyranny of every kind. So Americans have not yet achieved the ideal. Human efforts to rise even one rung above our nature require more than words on paper; Our history has proven that. If your claim to ‘reverence’ has any meaning aside from a professed titular honor, then you also recognize that the power needed to ennoble humanity does not come from humanity, but from its Creator. The Framers of this Republic also knew that “men are not angels” [Madison], and established our common Liberty upon the foundational [fundamental] principle of equal standing under our common Creator, from Whom our Life and Liberty find endowment. The essential thought is a shift of “Divine Right” away from the Papal doctrine of “Christ on Earth” setting up and taking down kings and aristocrats, and toward the “Divine Right” of the individual conscience compelled by God alone.

          People are people, brother, and all suffer the exact flaws and propensities of evil as any other, regardless of their geographic location, ethnic heritage or race.

          The slow climb out of European Papal Feudalism – and its ‘class-privilege’ attitudes – was made possible by the Reformation and the Bible in the common language.

          The Age in which we now live is nowhere near as Dark as the one from whence we emerged in the 17th and 18th centuries, though we find that the New Divine Right Feudalism of Progressive philosophy is pushing hard to regress the people to a semblance of that time.

        2. Palomar Jack

          And yet we have a black president, all be it a Marxist black president, but black none the less. It seems the good “Reverend” would not know an oligarchy if it sat on his face and wiggled.

    2. NoneYa

      “Conservatism is a Deadly flawed doctrine” What a ridiculous, lunatic remark! Conservatism in the USA works great because our forefathers knew good and well how to run a country properly. To continue to be a great and prosperous country. Unlike the Left, ‘so-called’ progressives, that are leading us into being another government controlled third world country. Slavery is what we call it.

      1. desert

        What they didn’t expect was a bunch of freeloading a.h.’s that would get in office and STAY…they expected citizens to serve the country for a term, then go back to their [email protected]

      1. Rev. Jake Harrison

        If you are speaking of “Pidgeon English” no I do not comprehend it.
        And yes, that is exactly what you are speaking of. As for your doubts, try this: “Judge not lest ye be judged” Mat. 5:1.

    3. Palomar Jack

      You see, what progressives like the good “Reverend” completely miss, or more likely disregard in hopes others miss it, is that those Founding Father’s that they so hate could look to the future and write a document that could be adapted to our culture as culture changed. But that is the grave fault of progressivism, it concludes all ideologies, except their own, are incapable of deep thought and the search for actual truth.

      1. Rev. Jake Harrison

        Your concept of progressivism is mistaken. To be a “Progressive” is to strive to “progress”, e.g., go forward, it has been said by many that to learn from the past, serve the future, live in the present is to progress. This is NOT and ideology, it is a way of living that moves on and forward.
        The founders “founded” the USA for their own purposes to serve their own ends. Little has changed except the faces of the members of the Oligarchy.
        For just one example, the USA is currently in illegal possession of more than 60% of its geographic territory as a result of violating the treaties made with the people who were there FIRST. That reference is Art 6 of the constitution (look it up) . I, and all of my Native American relatives, of all tribes, are heirs to the 1868 Medicine Lodge Creek treaty, which was “abrogated” in 1885 with the passing of legislation that “abrogated those treaties” or in modern terms; it was a “contract” between the first party (the USA who brought the treaty to those tribes) and the second party, Tribes who’s lands were being surrendered in exchange for articles of the treaty. Those “contracts” were rendered void with legislation that is not a part of the original treaty/contract. Now try to remember that these were lands which they (the tribes) had occupied for more generations than even the Europeans who were invading them had been in existence. Those tribes’ treaties were rendered null and void and by international legal standards; every Native American who was heir to any of those treaties/contracts that were “voided”; who were born after 1885, were born prisoners of war and are still at war with the USA.
        There are SO many stories so very much like the Native Americans and all of them committed by the USA.
        We advise others to judge others only by their actions. By there very actions, all over the world, the USA is a criminal nation that seems by many international standards to be populated with a nation of criminals and they are doomed to failure in their present form.
        Indeed “If the USA were any other criminal nation the ‘Americans’ would invade the USA to keep the world safe. They would be justified.”
        As for the Native American people as a whole; we have been here for no less than 20 thousand years; we most likely will be here in one or many forms —–when the Americans have become a terrible memory, and a negative lesson for history.

        1. youmustbemistaken

          Just more of the victimhood. How about thanking Americans for giving and giving to keep the tribes happy. Not productive, but at least they the handouts keep them pacified, except for the demand for more land and more salmon and more culverts.

  2. Alan C

    Not “Bill Maher of all people” – he and Ann Coulter are very close friends. Where have you been? Get with the program or is this just click bait?

  3. Floyd Hurd

    It looks to me that the lefties are all nuts. They need their heads got back to normal sizes. Then maybe they could start thinking like normal people do.

  4. Phil Esposito

    Liberals never cease to amaze me how they will just make up stories to fit their narrative. “More illegals leaving then coming” how f’ing ridiculous is that line of crap he just puked up.

  5. Mohammad bin Hosed

    To Mr. Phil Esposito: Do you think that “Liberals” are somehow churned out of some mass production factory, and that we – your fellow American citizens – all think exactly the same? That is like saying, “All African Americans look the same.” Deplorable bigotry, unleashed by “The Great Divider,” President Ronald Reagan.

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