Watch Liberals Support a 10% “Male Tax”

incomeinequalityMany Americans will be outraged to see these liberals support a 10% ‘male tax.’ Mark Dice recorded this video as part of his “man on the street” series. In this video, he asked people to support a tax on men to help offset income inequality. According to Infowars:

Liberals signed a petition to address “income inequality” by imposing a 10% “male privilege tax” on all men in the latest Mark Dice ‘man on the street’ video which illustrates how much leftists are divorced from reality.


Asked to support an additional 10% tax on men’s income, one woman responded, “I’ll definitely sign for that,” before adding, “Yeah I’ve never heard of that before but whatever they’re trying to do right now is clearly not working so I’m all for giving it a shot.”


Dice then talks to a couple, telling the woman the petition is to “fight sexism in this new world order.” She signs right in front of her boyfriend, who doesn’t dare raise a whimper of dissent.


Two more women sign the petition, with one saying it helps her “feel better,” before adding, “When that actually happens, that would be great though.”

You can watch the video here:

I don’t know what is more disturbing, the response from the women, or the lack of outrage from the men. It seems political correctness has deep roots now in our culture. None of these people show any knowledge of the myth of income equality, just a willingness to agree with conventional wisdom that where an alleged inequality exists, laws should be passed to correct them.

What do you think? Would you sign a 10% tax on all men, or do you support something else? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.