Watch Meghan McCain’s Harsh Takedown of Hillary Clinton and The Media

Fox News host Meghan McCain did not hold back when calling out the media ‘double-standard’ for giving more attention to Donald Trump’s offensive language versus the lack of attention paid to Hillary’s criminal activities being revealed, almost daily, in an ongoing series of hacks.

According to The Blaze:

Speaking Friday on “The Five,” McCain, who like her father is not a Trump fan, commented on how news outlets jumped on Trump’s accusation that President Obama founded the Islamic State, while offering significantly less coverage of the latest Clinton email revelations.

“When Donald Trump says things, it offends people sometimes and it can be controversial, but when Hillary makes mistakes, people die,” McCain said.


She offered Iran’s execution of nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri as an example. Amiri was allegedly a U.S. spy who was apparently alluded to in some of Clinton’s leaked emails.


“Why aren’t we talking about this, talking about the fact that she put our national security at risk?” McCain asked. “It’s so egregious. This is real-life information about our CIA informants being murdered, and it’s getting no coverage, except on this channel.”

It’s interesting that the media is not covering revelations that are clearly criminal and systemic about Mrs. Clinton. It seems to show collusion between those who control the press, and the Democratic nominee. And with so many Republican establishment politicians switching to Mrs. Clinton’s side, we’re seeing the true colors of both parties. An agenda not supportive of the citizens of the U.S.

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  • Tina Vandeweghe

    Of any media out there I believe only FOX NEWS ! Hillary cannot be President in the stste she is in. I’d be horrified to have her with Dementia!