What Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Want You To Know About Philander Castile And Why He Was Shot

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 4.24.07 PMOne of the things that bothers us is the rush to judgment and celebration of ignorance, and no where is that more obvious then with race relations. The shooting of Philander Castile in Dallas is another example of the media and those with vested interest rushing to judgment about an alleged unnecessary shooting.

The truth, however, is inconvenient to this narrative, and thus is not sought out, or is buried. Such is the case with Philander Castile.

According to The Gateway Pundit:

Earlier this week the media reported that Philando Castile was shot while sitting in a vehicle after he told police he had a legal concealed carry permit and was reaching for his wallet.


Castile reportedly “reached for his wallet” and was shot dead in cold blood.

His girlfriend made a video while he lay next to her dying of gunshot wounds.

Now here is the rest of the story—


First of all – Castile did not have a permit to carry according to local police.

Minnesota Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez is now telling his side of the story.
Matt Finn at FOX News reported:

“Yanez’s attorney says not only did the officer react to the presence of a gun, he tells us that Castile that day failed to comply with a “do not move” order. Officer Yanez ultimately told Castile “do not move” and that he failed to comply with that order and that there was apparently a visible gun. We also went back and looked at the Facebook video and there are certain freeze frames that might indicate a gun on Castile’s lap. I spoke to the attorney of the officer and he said it would not be far fetched to assume that could very well be the gun on his lap because he said his client, the officer, actively responded to the presence of a gun. We have also heard police scanner audio… And that audio appears to indicate that the officer was telling dispatch that the day that the day he pulled that car over that he was pulling the car over because Castile fit the description of a wanted suspect in an armed robbery just a few days prior… The attorney said this would be a valid investigatory stop. The officer went as far as to describe Castile before he got out of the car fitting the description of that wanted suspect… Also, on a side note, the officer Yanez is Mexican according to his attorney.”

Castile was wanted for armed robbery.
Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 4.23.22 PM

Once again — the liberal media jumped on a story before all of the facts were known.
And now 5 cops are dead in Dallas.

It’s understandable that police were cautious pulling someone over suspected of recent armed robbery. It’s also understandable that, seeing a gun on the victim’s lap, caused alarm on the officers. And when he failed to heed the ‘do not move’ order, Mr. Castile put his life in jeopardy.

It’s only the effective work of those with an agenda that this became anything other then the challenge of police work.

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  • Lynn Lee

    LIES, LIES and more LIES. What a way to cover-up the truth. The cop should be convicted and serve the maximum length of time in prison.

    • nicholsda

      The lies came from his GF. As proven by others on scene with cameras and by the recordings of the audio released from the dispatcher.

      • Lynn Lee

        Please!!!!! The police departments have been notorious for deceiving the public with fake recordings. Apparently you believe their lies, however “I DO NOT.”

        • nicholsda

          The proof offered by eyewitnesses who were not emotionally involved say otherwise.

        • brooksandstreams .

          You have to be a member of the “BLACK LIES MATTER” maffia that trulu know how to lie, cheat and deceive!

          • Lynn Lee

            You must be a descendant of a Slave owner of thinks everything white is right!!!!

          • Palomar Jack

            And you assume anyone who disagrees with you is a White Cracka’. Better get to that “safe place” you were told about because you’re looking real stupid right here.

        • Palomar Jack

          And of course, the looser left alphabet media would never, ever do that exact same thing. It can’ be comfortable with all that dirt in your cranial orifices from your head buried shoulder deep in the sand.

    • Halo9x

      Lies? Based on what!? Were you there? If not, go back to your safe place!

    • Palomar Jack

      So, what should be done about all the black on black crime that results in far more deaths than all the police involved and “other races” on black crimes combined? Maybe we just ignore that because it’s an “internal” problem and no one else’s business. So, would I be right to assume the attitude of “Let’m kill each other off and let God sort it out” is the proper responce?

  • Craig Anderson

    Sadly, we may never know the truth
    It sounds like there was plenty of blame to go around

    If I was carrying a weapon and was pulled over by the cops, the first thing I would do is place the gun down on the dashboard near the windshield to remove any doubt that I posed a threat.

    But the more direct question is: Why would anyone drive a car with a gun on their person instead of simply having is accessible, in the glove box or under the seat or in the center console?

    • nicholsda

      Simple answer if you travel. Because in many states a concealed weapon is only legal if the license/permit holder has control over it. In a glove box puts it under the passenger’s control and that person may not be licensed.