You Won’t Believe Why Cop Pulled His Gun On Father of Two

policeThe police haven’t been getting a lot of good press lately. It seems death-by-cop is a growing epidemic as of late. Now comes the latest story of absurd behavior by a member of the uniformed police. According to Infowars:

The incident began last Wednesday when Rohnert Park resident Don McComas says he noticed an officer in a patrol vehicle observing him while he latched his boat onto his SUV.


“I stood up and just watched him,” McComas described. “He ever so slowly pulled away, circled the court opposite my house and then just parked facing my house. After an honest couple of minutes I pulled out my camera and pressed record.”


At the start of filming, the officer pulls into and stops in the middle of McComas’ cul-de-sac and appears to call in his license plate number.


The officer then proceeds to draw his cell phone and bizzarely begins to film McComas.


“He thinks he’s being funny now,” McComas comments.


“Go ahead and take your hand out of your pocket,” the unidentified officer upon exiting the cruiser orders McComas, who refuses saying, “No sir I’ve done absolutely nothing. No.”

The incident of police over-response has been growing in the last few years. For simply recording and taking a picture of a policeman, this law-abiding citizen was confronted by an aggressive cop.

You can watch the confrontation below:

It’s unfortunate that such a trigger-happy law enforcement individual sullies the fine work of most policemen. Let’s hope this trend starts decreasing and people can be less afraid when police are in the area. They used to be responsible for protecting and serving.

What do you think? Was the policeman’s actions appropriate or an over-reaction? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.