After Paris Attacks, Ann Coulter Predicted Who Will Win Election

anncoulter-trumpThe terrorist attacks in Paris are a horrendous tragedy and many innocent victims have been killed. Illegal immigration and open borders is a bad idea to anyone with a brain. And now, the one candidate who took a tough position early is set to reap the rewards. According to Mediaite:

Ann Coulter reacted to the Paris terrorist attack tonight by declaring “no more Muslim immigration” and touting Donald Trump on that particular issue.

In a string of tweets tonight, Coulter said that the obvious answer to stopping terrorism in the United States is to stop importing Muslims

Why is it that common sense is not common to politicians – except Trump. Even with such horrendous violence by such avoidable consequences, the politicians want to keep borders open and allow these murderers to move to the country, get on welfare and vote for Democrats.

I hope Ms. Coulter is right because enough is enough. What do you think? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.