Glenn Beck Turns the Tables on The Media: Asks “Are Your Racist?”

bencarsonbiasPopular conservative media personality, and former Fox News host, Glenn Beck attacked the media for their double-standard coverage of Dr. Ben Carson compared to then-Senator Barack Obama, ending with a cutting question; “Are you racist?” According to The Blaze:

“I am sickened by the media on what they say about Dr. Ben Carson,” Beck wrote. “The press never asked a question about Obama and Frank Marshal Davis, his ‘composite girlfriend’ or anything about his schooling or Jeremiah Wright.”


In his post, Beck referenced Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA, who was one of Obama’s alleged mentors; the president’s “composite girlfriend,” the mysterious New York woman Obama later acknowledged was a representation of several past girlfriends; and Jeremiah Wright, who famously said in a sermon, “God damn America,” blaming the U.S. for 9/11, who was once the president’s pastor.


Beck went on to write that Carson is a “model citizen and famed life saver” being “dragged through the mud.” Then he asked the “mainstream media” a very pointed question.

“Are you only attacking him because he is black and you are racist?” Beck asked.


Beck wrote he is relieved to know the media’s “time is over,” calling them out for what he believes to be “double standards,” “ignorance” and an “agenda.”


“The best news is, you have so discredited yourself that anything you say about Carson will end up only making him stronger,” Beck concluded.

You can see Glenn Beck’s Facebook post below.

It’s true that the trust in media is virtually gone and most conservative support for Dr. Carson will most likely increase as a result of these flimsy insults. However, it’s still unknown and real damage could be done to a quality Presidential candidate. Time will tell. For now, the liberal media’s bias and agenda are on full display.

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