Here’s Paul Ryan’s Response To Trump’s Accusation of a Rigged Election

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-1-16-02-pmDonald Trump has been claiming a rigged election since Bernie Sanders saw his nomination stolen away from him by the Clinton campaign and DNC. Well, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, has weighed in with his thoughts on the Trump rigged-election claims.

According to The Blaze:

“Our democracy relies on confidence in election results, and the speaker is fully confident the states will carry out this election with integrity,” Ryan’s press secretary, AshLee Strong, said in a statement sent to several media outlets.


Trump’s claims that the election process in the United States is “rigged” was a narrative the billionaire businessman used during his fight in the GOP primaries when it appeared that he might lose to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. Once Trump secured the nomination, though, his claims of a “rigged” election process quelled.


However, the claim has again become one of his main talking points in recent weeks as his position in the polls continues to slip amid dozens of women coming out to say they have been sexually assaulted or harassed by Trump in the past.


Trump continued to bolster his claims early Saturday when he took to Twitter to say that the election is “being rigged by the media” in order to elect his Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton.


“Hillary Clinton should have been prosecuted and should be in jail,” he tweeted. “Instead she is running for president in what looks like a rigged election.”

More from Buzzfeed:

Trump’s calling the legitimacy of the election into question could have real consequences. Part of the peaceful transition of power that characterizes American elections is the fact that the losers concede that they lost and accept that the voters chose the other candidate. Trump’s signaling that he might not do this has set off alarm bells among many observers.


Trump has also encouraged his supporters to monitor polling places to look for incidents of voter fraud. Some of his supporters told the Boston Globe this week that they intend to do just that, with one making explicit that he will target minorities.

It’s interesting that Mr. Ryan would come out with a variation of ‘everything’s fine’ even after the leaks showing the corruption and theft of Mr. Sanders nomination.

On top of this, the Wikileaks releases show beyond a shadow of a doubt that fraud and corruption resulted sabotaging the nomination of Bernie Sanders, so stealing the election from Trump is not far fetched.

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  • Perfick

    The very fact that Democrat administrations are willing to spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours of time by Justice Department attorneys and support staff to combat state laws which require a photo ID to vote is, in my judgment, proof positive that voter fraud is not only going on, but that it is encouraged by Democrat administrations.

    • Andy Case

      Absolutely!! Not to mention the countless stories now across states, Virginia recently about how older voting
      booth’s can certainly be impacted by wireless methods and never be traced back, as well as countless stories pf people ( democrats) that have been caught registering the dead to vote democratically, etc…yada yada yada, Sure its in the making you can bet!!
      Look at all the false accusations rolling in against Trump, you always hear the accusations broadcast by the crooked media, but they never ever broadcast the debunked lie, only what comes in, all in an effort to repeatedly over and over hit trump with more lies in the derogatory hoping that the repetitiveness will make people believe they are true. So Unfair, Maybe he is just letting people now what to expect because that is exactly how Obama even got his nomination in the first place. It took 3 years to finally put together the lies and deception he cast over the whole thing. The establishment has turned this country upside down and drove is into bankruptcy while they live their lives like they have all the money in the world without any recourse. Look
      at all the lies Hillary and the FBI have supported

      • Donaldo

        The FBI used to be a well respected organization until this summer. Thanks to Comey and the DOJ they are now proven to be just as low as the rest of the scum in DC.

    • Richard Fuller

      That is my thoughts. My sister-in-law here in Hawaii received (2) mail-in ballots for her parents which have been dead for over 4 years. Guess what. Looks like you can vote and send them in and the two votes will be counted.??? So how much of this sort of thing is going on??

      • arnapuck

        Since Kamahamaha passed..

  • sandra kirk

    Paul Ryan should step down and shut the hell up. I really hope he loses his position as speaker!! He does not deserve it. He is totally worthless and a butt kisser to Obama!! He is a disgrace!!!

    • Richard Fuller

      AMEN to that!

    • arnapuck

      Could not agree more !!!!! He sets the RINO standard.

    • Carolyn Brack-Jackson

      Totally agree with you, Sandra, he is worse than Boehner!

      • sandra kirk

        In all my years, I have never seen anything like what we see here. It just bogs the mind. Or, maybe, I am just now waking up to the fraud. Looks like Trump has awakened millions of us. At any rate, Thank God for Donad Trump.

        • Carolyn Brack-Jackson

          Me too, Sandra! My husband teased me unmercifully when I told him that i felt like Trump was the man for the job and that he would win the nomination! That was way last year! Go Donald!

          • sandra kirk

            Honey, my son was the same way. He asked me for months on end if I was really going to vote for Donald. Everytime I told him YES, YES, YES. LOL

  • It is a proven fact that many districts in the 2012 presidential election particularly in the critical swing states were won by Obama with fraud because there were zero votes for Romney. That is statistically impossible. Also, there were districts that had more votes cast than registered voters. Also, just recently it has been proven that many dead people are voting again this year. The Democrats continue to push for not needing photo ID in order to vote. And many states do not want a paper trail on voting. Some states only have voting machines without printouts. Hacking voting machines has been proven in the past. Again, all are proof of possible fraud. Just like the Geico ad, if you are a Democrat there is going to be a lot of voter fraud going on. It’s just what you do!

  • Any honorable woman would have divorced such a despicable sexual
    predator and yes even a rapist years ago. But, that was not in her best
    interest politically and financially speaking. Instead Hillary set up a
    war room in the white house and plotted to demean, threaten, and
    destroy Bill’s victims. She turned her henchmen loose on these women
    who harassed them into silence and even killed their pets and threaten
    their children. Bottom line is that Hillary purposely enabled her
    husband so that he could continue his sexual perversion and rape. If
    Hillary really loved Bill, she would have tried to help him overcome
    this sexual addiction. But she probably didn’t ever really love him and
    continues to this day to allow him as Colin Powell has stated in his
    Wikileaked email to continue “d***ing bimbos” at home. So, the question
    is, do we really want such evil and corrupt people anywhere even close
    to the white house – not to mention the crimes they have committed for
    years scamming the public and even foreign donors with the pay-to-play,
    money laundering Clinton Foundation that allowed the Haitian people to
    live in disgraceful poverty for years as the Clintons and their friends
    absconded with over $10B? Or, as they worked in concert with Obama,
    committing treason in selling U.S. uranium mining rights to the Russians
    and pocketed another $130M? If Hillary wins this election after
    everyone is well aware of her failed record (Benghazi is just the tip of
    the iceberg), her plan to continue to destroy America with open trade
    and open borders, to continue increasing the national debt, destroy the
    Constitution by selecting activist, progressive judges to the Supreme
    Court, and continue selling her political access and favors to the
    highest bidders, then we as a nation are to blame. If you have any
    conscience at all, please, I beg you, I plead with you, I pray for you
    to not vote for her. Trump is our only hope to save America.

  • Joe Gleaton

    go trump put Hillary in jail

  • David Stewart

    Thought Ryan might be a bit dishonest, but if he thinks elections are kosher, he’s just pretty dim!

  • Dolores Routzahn

    Paul is part of the problem and I think he and his cronies need to go.I think we need to clean house and get some new blood. You all don’t need life time benefits and should receive the same health insurance we have.

  • Jr007

    The good old day’s of the status quo Rep and Dems establishment is over. I remember when the RNC hire these special lobbyist attorneys to create the Ron Paul Rule to keep him out of the race. These [email protected]#$ers were going to use the Ron Paul Rule on Trump when he expose them. They cross the [email protected]#$ line when they try to use this on Trump. Ryan is a [email protected]#$ing establishment. This war – Americans against the [email protected]#$ing evil American government. Go Trump.

  • notanobamaliar
  • longshorts3

    My opinion as follows:
    The money that the DNC has access to has bought and paid for has fabricated the sexual accusations against Trump so that he will be tried and convicted by the “court of public opinion”. The DNC also has bought Paul Ryan completely to follow their lies and falsehoods about our election process being untainted by liberal factions both in and outside our Country. Allowing voting without a government issued picture ID is an invitation for voter fraud. Also, the voting machines are suspect just by the fact they are computer controlled. Any good hacker can bypass the firewalls in these machines as was seen in Tallapoosa County in Alabama during the last Presidential election. I was told that by a poll watcher that was liberally inclined in the last general election – a good friend, but on the other side.
    Trump is completely correct that the Election is rigged against him by the foul accusations by the Clinton Campaign, and the invasion of computer voting machines. Pre-election polls are liberally biased by the alphabet news agency’s reporting of sensationalized “news” attacking Trump’s personal life and professional accomplishments. Maybe we should go back to worrying about “hanging chads” once again, where computers are eliminated from the voting process. Slower, but harder to falsify.

  • Brian Hirvela

    I am so tired of the media and politicians calling our country a Democracy. We are a Federal Republic. For the love of God, please let us stand for our Federal Republic, not a Democracy.

    • DLH

      One more thing the ‘SUPER INTELLIGENT’ idiots in this country don’t know.

  • Richard

    In California everyone with a driver license is sent a voter registration and be allowed to vote if you claim on the form that you are a citizen.

    • Thomas Adams

      Here in New York Eliot Spitzer tried to ram through a bill to allow illegal alians drivers licenses but fortunately the residents raised hell and it was voted down just before a prostitute took the AH down.

      • Richard

        Apparently there’s more “common sense” left in New York than in California.

    • arnapuck

      Makes one feel so special to be a citizen.

  • DLH

    Anything Paul Ryan says is as bad as anything Hillary Clinton says: YOU KNOW THEY’RE LYING IF THEIR LIPS ARE MOVING!
    Can anybody speculate on the whereabouts of the DUMBSHIT DEMOCRAT comments?
    I haven’t seen any of their looney tune comments or replies?

  • Richard Bird

    Elections don’t have to be rigged. The status quo own both parties as well as both candidates, so what do they care who wins? It’s business as usual and more of the same. Democracy is a smoke and mirrors trick, now you see it, now you don’t, and when you do see it, it’s never what you think it is. Is Trump also an actor in this con? Of course he is, otherwise he would never have been allowed to get this far. The elite don’t just hand over power because the people decide they don’t like their rulers any longer. What are you, stupid?

  • jreg9304

    This whole election smells of a rotting corps and it is permeating from the liberal side of the aisle. what a darn shame that the people, we the American public, cannot be a little smarter and do the right thing to make sure that Clinton stays out of the White house. there is already way too much corruption, we do not need to amplify the situation at hand!!!!

  • georgethorvat

    Paul Ryan should have his worthless mouth sewn up. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s not really a Republican. He has no credibility as a conservative and I can’t stand the sight of his ugly dead pan face anymore. Why doesn’t the jerk just admit that he’s campaigning for Hillary and get it over with?

  • elliebrezy

    Evidently Mr. Ryan didn’t see the video on the internet (of course, not on TV) of the volunteer who was working at a “voter registration site” and upon leaving for the day admitted to his boss that “he had ripped up four voter registration forms because the potential voters were a Trump fans.” The boss’ response was “it’s OK don’t worry about it.” Also there are videos of buses paying homeless/poor people to get on the bus and they will take them to vote. However, no one seems to realize until too late that the same bus/buses have been spotted at many polling places and each time the same people got out and voted AGAIN. Ryan is living on another planet and should surely be removed either by vote or bodily.

  • sakovkt

    One thing in all the past years has become clear ; the Republican Party is NOT Conservative or even honest.
    The Democrats are probably worse, but they are not lazy, like the Republicans.

  • Peggy Sortino

    There are several Republicans who in my opinion have jumped ship as far as Trump is concerned and I do believe that Paul Ryan is one of them. We voted Trump as nominee for President and if Republicans can not accept what the citizens voted for then I do never vote for them again and if we lose the election because of what the turncoats have done then we will not have a Party and it will be the end of our Constitution, Supreme Court and I will pray for the USA

  • jwood1952

    You’re a liar Ryan. Interesting that George Soros’ comrade owns the company that tabulates the votes. We’ve all watched the media for decades, not just the news shows, but all of TV media, TV shows, the hosts they hire, everything must fit to the Democrat Party agenda, every person hired by them, must spout Dem rhetoric, or they won’t be hired.

  • Violets

    The American piblic has been calling out for years about the rigged system that makes it almost impossible to even feel like a vote matters. Again it is Donald Trump hears our voices and speaks out for us. Again he takes the blunt and stands in there no matter how much he gets ridiculed, belittled, and called names. Again Paul Ryan joins in with the “establishment” and is helping the government to call voters names, shame on him, to betray the voice that speaks out for us.

  • coconuisse

    Republicans have long been in an unholy alliance with the Democrats, allowing and even participating in any manner of acts, legal or otherwise, guaranteeing them a seat on the second-tier of the power elites in exchange for not complaini9ng about the Democrats methods of ensuring their place as Kings-of-the-Mountain. Naturally, they would join their Democratic familiars in opposing someone who, at least on the surface, is unalterably opposed to the cozy, corrupt status quo which they currently enjoy. If is, perhaps, mere wishful thinking that such an outsider will succeed, but the thought is similar to buying a lottery ticket and entertaining the POSSIBILITY that you MIGHT win, lasting up until the moment the actual winning numbers are drawn…..

  • barbarakelly

    either he knows the truth or is covering so the elected who is wanting to move more to the progressive agenda and the nwo get in and help change the laws. they sometimes say one thing and mean another. That move Mr. Smith goes to Washington says plenty of what we are seeing today the elite want to stay in power and yes Sandra we need to kick out the ones and we are really seeing what they are standing for and its not our way that we want to go. THEY ARE TRYING TO FORCE US TO GO THEIR WAY—–NO WAY ITS KICK OUT TIME.!!!!!!

  • Doc

    I think that the election of Ryan as speaker must have been rigged too, He’s just J Boner without the tan.

  • Panors77

    Ryan needs to switch parties. Either to the dems or the CPUSA.

  • Thomas Adams

    Trump was right about the primaries being rigged. The founding fathers developed the delegate system to balance the people power from state to state. It was not intended to have the delegates to be the sole deciders in the elections as the partys tried to make it. The rules that they always intended to have in place was to make the leadership a desicion of the people not by any specific party or parties. Democrats cheated that intent by them handing Clinton extra delegates because the party favored her. Cruz tried to take delegates that were won by Trump ( be it first, second, any subsequent vote ). If it was built into party rules then it was a rigged system. By the numbers cast in each state for Trump he won he won the allotted delegates and no matter what had the most delegates. To have a system that defied the will of the most voters in those states is a rigged system if the rules allow someone else to get those delegates.

    • Thomas Adams

      And Trump is right with the voting process being rigged. The media goes from news reporting to story telling from the democratic party. You can’t get anymore corrupt than that. Of course Paul Ryan is part of that corruption. I live in a blue state but Paul Ryan would never get elected for anything here and he would be killed with Republicans voting against him here. He’d never make it through the primaries.

    • Donaldo

      Electoral college needs to go. Should be by popular vote. In NY all electoral votes almost always go to Dems, the actual vote is usually close, upstate usually being offset by heavy Dem voting in NYCity. Electoral college basically states ALL New Yorkers voted for one person. Take into consideration the NYC election Comm was caught on tape talking about how they take people from precinct to precinct to vote more than once.

  • Liz Hamilton

    I have to totally agree with Mr. Trump on the idea of rigged elections. Everyone who is anyone knows full well it is. Look at past elections. A candidate had more popularity votes of the people themselves than the other candidate, but due to electoral votes the looser got the White House. If that is not rigged, what is it. The Electoral votes need to be done away with.



  • cathylovesyou

    John Boehner’s son Paul Ryan should be replaced. He didn’t want the job and the reason seems he hasn’t got the guts to lead. He is pampered by a weak Republican Party. Paul you know what Harry Truman said, so get out make way for men who are not afraid.

  • Mys77

    Every time Ryan speaks, he loses more and more respect from me. There are many ways to “rig” an election…everything from media bias and lies, media that continue to play up “false” accusations, losing ballots, losing registrations, intimidation at the polls, lying by pollsters saying the election is over, Hillary wins.., ect. And lets not forget the mail in ballots disappering altogether, and the overseas military vote not even being counted! Electronics used to count…yeah there is no way that would be rigged! Get real! Liberals are vicious, cut throat, unethical, lustful demons, they will do anything and everything to push their destructive agenda and head demon!

  • nj101

    It’s ironic that in 2000 all that Democrats could talk about was how the election was rigged, Al Gore should have been the president, and G.W. Bush was a usurper.

    Now when they are about to win, they are aghast that anyone would question the integrity of the U.S. voting system. When they are losing, the system is rigged. When they are winning, the system is just fine.

  • rchguns

    Paul Ryan is not only a disgrace to Republicans he’s a disgrace to Congress and to every living American. Why would I say that?
    Look at the how and why Paul Ryan became speaker, he was causing trouble during the pre-election and on the floor so the good old boys got together and had to come up with a way to get this pesky individual not only back in line with the Republican hierarchy but also to shut him up.
    They made even offer he couldn’t refuse become speaker I will crucify you and feed your bones to the dogs.

    When any one candidate can receive 103% of the vote in a precinct or 106% in another precinct that should raise a lot of red flags, but nobody said anything but even more astonishing wasn’t the same candidate received 130% in one more precinct. It’s never the Republican Party that has returns like this it’s only the Democrats.
    Now I realize that most people who voted for Obama never finish high school and most of them are functionally illiterate one has to wonder if they have any common sense. I’ve never seen 130% of the pie for that matter I’ve never’s heard of the pie that amounts to 103%.
    When the Democrats get away with this kind of voter fraud including individuals who stand up in the middle of the street before cameras and probably state they voted three times THERE SOMETHING ELSE HAPPENING.
    I see it this way what’s wrong with this country right now as far as the government goes is that we are totally stuck with a very strange animal running Washington DC. Is not an individual and it’s not Democrat or Republican solely. It’s a worthless piece of crap CALLED A CAREER POLITICIAN. While they may yell at each other and blame one another for what happens when they’re alone behind closed doors outcomes the booze, cigars, and the hookers. If you need to simplify what’s going on a little bit compare it to professional wrestlers. While these men are fantastic athletes their even better performers/entertainers. Anyone who thinks these men are actually performing what looks like trying to kill one another is all an act because the human body could not take the punishment that they are supposedly dishing out. NOW BACK TO THE CAREER POLITICIANS they have an even bigger racket and one elected they really can’t lose. They serve one term and they will get their SALARY AND HEALTHCARE FOR THE REST OF THEIR MISERABLE WORTHLESS LIVES.
    It’s all an act and it’s not to entertain. Is to keep the American people in the dark and give them the illusion that they are free people. This is even more graphic when you look at our black community. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves the Democratic Party put them back in chains in the career politicians keep them there. Black community is used and abused mostly by Democrats but by anyone who needs to either be supported by votes or worshiped as demigods.
    The social progressives in Congress and in our communities have taken control of our school systems and have accomplished the dumbing down of young Americans for three generations. These young people have been indoctrinated not educated they haven’t a clue what America stands for or WHAT THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES ARE TO BE COMING FREE CITIZENS.

    Paul Ryan is a symptom and a career politician is the disease I for one dearly hope that America as a free nation still exists by next February.

  • Carolyn Brack-Jackson

    As long as voters are not vetted properly, i.e. proper ID and citizenship status, then voter fraud will be prevalent and prominent!

  • Carolyn Brack-Jackson

    One more thing, if the GOP wasn’t so busy stabbing Trump in the back, the polls would not be so close and as far as Donald goes, he’s always been my choice from the very beginning, but sometimes I think he has Tourette’s Syndrome!

  • arnapuck

    Who the hell said the individual STATES would NOT handle the voting with integrity. The dumb ass is just making a nonsensicle political statement. Typical RINO.

  • Juanita Williams

    I am grateful that he did not become our Vice President.