Here’s the Real Impact of The Trump Tapes

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-9-45-46-pmThe “Trump Tapes” have lead the state-sponsored media for days now, and you would think by their apocalyptic covering by the media, that Trump is in big trouble and might as well withdraw from the election…because the press thinks he should.

Well, that’s all true unless you actually talk to Trump supporters. According to Zero Hedge:

Of course, the lifelong Democrets, Washington establishmentarians, and Hillary sycophants are also indifferent and unsurprised: their vote is known from day one.

Which leaves The Independents, such as Zero Hedge reader LetThemEatRand, who earlier opined:

This whole thing has pretty much taken me off the fence of deciding whether to vote 3rd party or stay home. Seeing the incredible push by all of the DC power-brokers to have Trump withdraw over this has convinced me that it’s not an act.  TPTB really are scared of him and desperately want Hillary to win.


That’s good enough to convince me to vote for Trump.  I wonder if any others like me who didn’t really buy the hype had a similar reaction.  I would guess yes.

The following from Richard Armande Mills will provide some thought-provocation for those of ‘independent’ mind: Here are a few (of the many) reasons why I’ve decided to stop supporting Donald Trump.


Let’s face it. Enough is enough!

First of all, he has racist supporters. 

His mentor was a former KKK grand-wizard. When he passed, Trump honored him with a filmed tribute.

Another one of his mentors was a famous eugenicist who sought to rid the world of any nationality that isn’t white.He even received an award in that mentor’s honor, proclaiming that he admired their “vision.” 

His multiple ties to the witch hunt to dispel President Obama’s American heritage. Multiple ties.

The fact that he appropriated the spending of $20,000 for access to a white-only golf course.

When speaking to a crowd of black people, he started mocking their accents.

He told a Black Lives Matter supporter that he would “talk only to white people.”

Donald Trump has likened people of urban culture to dogs.

He calls women that have upset his personal relationships “trailer trash.”

Up until three years ago, he was anti-gay and strongly opposed gay marriage.

Extending upon being anti-gay, he has also accepted campaign contributions from donors that strongly oppose the LGBT community.

His closest aide strongly opposed female equality up until recently.

In 2010, Haiti had an earthquake. Donald Trump went down there and promptly steered all of the reconstruction bids to his businesses friends. Those friends then under-delivered, pocketed the difference, and left Haiti further in debt.

During the recent primary race, it was revealed that sources behind Donald Trump conspired to improperly ensure his party nomination.

Donald Trump is willing to wage a war against Russia based on speculation.

He has laughed about the war killings of foreign dignitaries.

Trump joked about using government resources to murder someone who doesn’t favor him.

During a speech to businessmen and businesswomen, Trump proclaimed, “I’m kind of far removed from the struggles of the middle class.”

Multiple women claim that he’s tried to silence them when they were assaulted, raped, and abused.

He also helped the rapist of a 12 year old girl get out of jail on reduced sentencing, later laughing about it during a recorded interview.

He ignores the fact that people extremely close to him have made frequent visits to a place known as ‘Orgy Island,’ owned by a convicted pedophile.

Donald Trump categorically lied to the FBI.

Donald Trump compromised national security by revealing government secrets to his Wall St. friends, who paid him for them.

He also instigated the suicide of one of his closest aides.

People have died because of Donald Trump’s professional incompetence. 

Just kidding. This was all Hillary Clinton.

Trump 2016.

(Each claim above is linked to an article or video supporting the validity of itself.)

*  *  *

It appears the media is missing the point:

What’s interesting is that despite the preponderance of incriminating and potentially campaign-ending scandals each of the above statements truly is, the state-sponsored media will not cover it and instead keep the negative spotlight firmly on Trump.

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