Hilarious: Watch As Fallon Clarifies Trump Vs Kelly Fiasco

fallontrumpEver the funny man, Jimmy Fallon amused us with his original knock-off of Trump after the debate. Now comes his next installment pretending to be Donald Trump addressing Megyn Kelly of Fox News.

Fallon is not afraid to make fun of the celebrity or politician of the day. The difference with Fallon, versus other comedians, is that he does not display malice. He merely exaggerates the drama of the day. According to Mediaite:

After receiving some crucial debate advice from President Barack Obama last week, Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump was back last night to address his controversial comments about Megyn Kelly’s “wherever.”


Just as he characterized anyone who thought he was talking about Kelly’s period as a “deviant,” Trump also defended comments he made about his wife’s “melons” and Carly Fiorina’s “junk in the trunk.”

You can count on Jimmy Fallon to bring humor to an absurd situation. He is very quick to capture the funny

You can watch the video here:

What do you think? Did Jimmy Fallon bring laughter or was he too biased? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.