Hillary Is Going to FREAK OUT When She Reads This

Donald_Trump_and_wife_MelaniaIt’s not everyday that you read something that could cause 2016 Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and her liberal friends to freak out. It seems that in addition to doing well with hispanics, 2016 Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is polling very strongly with another minority group. According to The Conservative Tribune:

…black journalist Sonnie Johnson, her GOP challenger Donald Trump has the black vote in his hand.


“Donald Trump is going to make it in front of a black crowd, and he is going to say he doesn’t give a damn about color, and they are going to believe him,” Johnson wrote. “He is going to say, I’m rich. I made a lot of money, and I am going to make you money too. And they are going to believe him.”


In 2008, President Barack Obama offered black Americans an alleged chance at the American dream via his cheesy slogan, “Hope and Change.”

Trump is now offering black Americans the same thing, but via his “proven record of making money.”


Furthermore, his message is resonating strongly with black America. For instance, the rap group Rae Sremmurd released a music video for a song called, “Up Like Trump,” that essentially celebrated the merits of pursuing capitalistic success.

Mr. Trump has a big advantage over Hillary in that Mr. Trump earned his money through the free-market capitalistic system. He didn’t sell favors and influence like Mrs. Clinton, who like most politicians have barely, if ever, earned any money outside of politics.

And like most politicians, used the power and influence of her office, and her husbands office, to become multi-millionaires. That’s not the American dream, it’s the American nightmare.

Mr. Trump, on the other hand, models a result that is resonating with the black community. A result that President Obama has failed to deliver.

What do you think? Does Mr. Trump stand a chance of wining the black vote? Will he even be included in the elections? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.