During A Week When She Needed A Win, Hillary Made Another Potentially Fatal Strategic Error

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 9.08.31 PMWhen the DNC is under fire, Hillary is slipping in the polls and the DNC convention looks like a mutiny, it would have been a good week to reveal an exciting VP pick to compliment Hillary on the ticket.

Instead, Hillary has chosen someone as boring as her campaign events.

According to The Blaze:

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is surging in polls. Hillary is in a world of trouble.

Then there’s her vice president pick. It’s the worst EVER. Hillary announced Tim Kaine to a soaring crescendo of…




It was P.T. Barnum who once said the worst thing that can happen in business is…NOTHING. In business or politics, silence isn’t golden, it’s deafening.


Hillary’s vice president pick didn’t move the meter. It was met with deafening silence. If a tree fell in the forest, but no one saw it, did it really fall? Was Tim Kaine really announced as Hillary’s vice president? No one saw it … no one heard it … no one in Hillary’s core voter demographic has ever heard of him.


Tim Kaine is so boring. Tim Kaine himself jokes about how boring he is. Hillary is best described as experienced and boring. The last thing she needed was more experienced and boring to join her on the ticket. Hillary desperately needed a shot in the arm; an exciting and edgy vice president by her side.


You know, someone young and shiny. You know, the kind of girlfriend Bill Clinton usually picks.


The clueless and liberal-biased media tried to put a good spin on it, describing the Kaine pick as similar to Trump’s pick of Mike Pence. Yes, on the face of it they are similar. Both Pence and Kaine are experienced, credible and boring middle-aged white men. In short, “safe” traditional politicians.


But no one noticed the Grand Canyon-sized difference between the two picks. Trump is wild, exciting and high energy. The last thing Trump needed was more energy on his ticket. He needed stable, credible and experienced.


More importantly, Trump needed to make his GOP base of conservatives and Christians happy. Trump accomplished all of that with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.


On the other hand, Hillary is boring and unlikeable. She lacks energy or excitement. Bill Maher said it best when I was a guest on his HBO show “Real Time” last month. Maher said Hillary is like a shot we have to take at the doctor’s office. You have to do it, but you’re not excited about it.


Yet somehow Hillary found someone even more boring than her. A pale, pot-bellied, middle aged, balding, old white guy, that none of Hillary’s core voters have heard of. He’s not handsome. He’s not charismatic. He’s not exciting. He’s anonymous.


But wait, it gets worse.


Tim Kaine isn’t just boring. He’s offensive and a personal insult to every liberal in the party.


Unlike Pence who healed the rift in the GOP and made the base happy, Kaine has divided the Democratic Party and enraged the liberal base. Kaine is an affront to every Bernie Sanders supporter – which happens to be all the youth and energy in the entire Democrat Party.


But wait, it gets worse.


Kaine is a middle-aged white man in a party that is built around minorities and special interest groups. Almost any other choice in the world would have worked better for Hillary than Kaine.


Bernie Sanders as vice president would have energized the liberal base.


Either Tom Perez or Julian Castro as vice president would have energized Latinos.

U.S. Sen. Corey Booker as vice president would have energized black voters and younger voters.


U.S. Sen Elizabeth Warren would have energized women and the liberal base.

Any one of those choices as vice president might have led Hillary to victory. Because victory is about energy, excitement, motivation and turnout. But Hillary found a way to energize no one in her party. No one.


As in nada.


Who does Kaine energize? I can guarantee you this much – not one black voter in America is excited about Tim Kaine.


Obviously Hillary thought Kaine would help attract a few white voters to her side.




Other than a few middle-aged, pot-smoking liberal hippies, an overwhelming majority of red-blooded white voters in America are voting for Donald Trump. Trump excites them, energizes them, gives them hope.


As my new book, “ANGRY WHITE MALE,” points out white males, specifically, and white voters, in general, are in Trump’s corner for better or worse, forever. They aren’t going anywhere.


Trump is to angry white males what Barack Obama was to angry black voters in 2008: a hero who understands them, resonates with them, speaks their language. White males will be the “Soccer Moms” of this election. Trump has them locked and loaded.


Even ultra-liberal filmmaker Michael Moore pointed out days ago, Trump will win because of 40 million motivated, “angry white males.” Even Michael Moore gets it.


If Hillary thought Tim Kaine would compete with Donald Trump for angry white male votes, then I now understand why she thinks the economy is doing great. It’s called “delusion.”

If Hillary has a chance to win this election, she has only a few places to turn- excite women…excite blacks…excite Latinos. Or go home.


Hillary just made the worst VP pick ever.


Wayne Allyn Root is known as “the Capitalist Evangelist.” Wayne is a former Libertarian

Vice Presidential nominee, bestselling author, international business speaker, serial entrepreneur and conservative media personality – appearing on over 9,000 interviews in the past eight years. Wayne’s latest book will be released on August 23rd. It is entitled “ANGRY WHITE MALE.” Wayne’s web site: ROOTforAmerica.com.

It’s interesting that people are surprised that Mrs. Clinton made a bad VP choice. She runs a horrible campaign, draws the smallest crowds of any candidate and is a horrible speaker.

The one thing she does have is connections, lots of connections. And with those connections comes a lot of funds to wage a credible election. But, in a week when she needed a boost, it seems she got another set back with her VP selection.

Let’s hope Trump wins in a landslide.

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  • driver

    Yes man…all she wanted was a yes man..yes mam man to be more specific…

  • Taking a paraphrase from the Jewish Bible, the “Mark of Kaine” is upon him!

    • Joseph Carrilho

      I’ve been curious about that mark “for ALL to see”…..
      I understood it to be a warning for others and that
      ALL of his descendants would bear that mark forever.
      I want to know what that mark is. Any clues?

      • I have Doctorates in Theology and Divinity, and we Theologians have kicked that one around for hundreds of years, but none of us can figure it out.

  • durabo

    That’s complement, not compliment…but the opinion is valid.

  • durabo

    Still, felons, dead people, Islamists imported by O’Bunghole and Guacamolian invaders will vote. The fix is in.

  • Phil Esposito

    Nice pick Hildebeast. See you in jail you POS.

  • Evy

    Kaine won’t get a chance to be VP, because Trump will be the next president. Go, Trump!!