Judge Strikes Down Democrats Attempt to Let Anyone Vote

screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-9-20-19-amThis past week, a federal judge struck down an initiative from Democrats that would have allowed anyone to vote early even if their eligibility was not verified. In essence, the Democrats were seeking to let anyone they could get to a polling booth, or a ballot, to vote, without question.

According to Breitbart:

United States District Judge Mark Walker ruled against this so-called rapid verification process, preventing it from taking place during early voting in Florida, which starts Monday in several key counties.


After the three-hour hearing, Judge Walker sided with Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Secretary of State Ken Detzner against the Democratic party’s request.


During the hearing, Hillsborough County top voting official Craig Latimer’s testimony was cited by Walker. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Latimer testified by phone, saying, “If a voter whose identity can’t be confirmed is allowed to cast a regular ballot, it wouldn’t be legal and it couldn’t be corrected. You’re not going to get that ballot back and that could lead to some real issues.”


Walker also highlighted Maria Matthews‘ testimony, the director of the state’s Division of Elections. Matthews testified that “State workers are being ordered to work ‘mandatory overtime’ of up to 16 hours on weekends to process forms as fast as possible.” Matthews went on to emphasize,”We are devoting all the resources that we have.”


On Tuesday, the Florida Democratic Party had filed a motion to allow anyone to show up at a polling place with an ID and vote, even if they are not on the state’s official voter rolls. This motion came on the heels of an unprecedented number of new voter sign-ups in the state, after the voter registration deadline was extended due to the impact that Hurricane Matthew had on Floridians’ ability to register during the final days of the original voter registration period.


Judge Walker decided that there was “absolutely no basis” to the Democratic Party’s claim that Detzner and election officials were “dragging their feet” when it came to processing new voter registrations.


Gary Fineout, an Associated Press reporter, was live tweeting from the courtroom as Walker’s ruling came down:


What’s interesting is that while the press criticizing Donald Trump for questioning the integrity of the voting process, they report such blatant attempts by the Democrats to let anyone vote regardless of eligibility.

This is the real story about rampant voter fraud that Mr. Trump was mentioning, and the corporate media is all but ignoring it.

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