MSNBC Hosts in Bizarre Tizzy Over Trump – Watch as Things Get Weird

Morning JoeIt’s no secret that Donald Trump has completely captured the left-wing media’s attention as they spin themselves in circles trying to come up with ways to discount his campaign for the presidency.

As the conversation on MSNBC’s Morning Joe once again turned to Trump, this time it was the subject of Trump’s salary that seemed to get nighttime host Lawrence O’Donnell’s knickers in a twist.

O’Donnell took issue with Trump’s claims that he earned more than $200 million annually from NBC and he called Trump a lowly paid “hired hand.”

Then things just got weird.

For several minutes, O’Donnell went after Joe Scarborough like his hair was on fire. The word “liar” was thrown around repeatedly.

When Scarborough challenged him, O’Donnell went on to say that Trump’s popular prime time show,

“Is a declining show. Every actor you can name on television, if you can name them, I guarantee you they made more money than Donald Trump.”

One host even pretended to take O’Donnell’s pulse and recommended that he drink some chamomile tea.

You can watch the strange exchange right here: