Must See: Feisty Fox News Contributor’s Blistering Attack On ‘Fake Feminist’ Hillary

This Fox News contributor has launched a scathing attack on Hillary’s “feminism” and vows she won’t stop talking about it. Kathering Timpf used Twitter to condemn Hillary for how she mistreated the women who accused her husband of sexual assault, rape or just having an affair with him. According to The Blaze:

Timpf, who also writes for the National Review, listed multiple incidents where Clinton called into question the character of women who accused her husband of sexual wrongdoing.

“Ohhhhh but you’re a ‘feminist’ huh?” Timpf sarcastically asked.

The Fox News contributor said she wasn’t going after Bill Clinton, but instead calling into question how Hillary treated the women who made the accusations against him.

Timpf argued that Clinton “attacked and shamed” the women until “their lives were ruined.”

This is not the first time that Timpf has ripped the Democratic frontrunner over this issue. On Christmas Eve, she blasted Clinton on the topic and said she was sickened women would support her in light of this “hypocrisy.”

Over the past week, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has also sought to make this a campaign issue, warning Clinton that he will zero in on it if she tries to paint him as a sexist.

It’s interesting how quiet the feminists have remained about Bill Clinton and his excessive abuse of women. It seems politics trumps beliefs as long as your candidate gets in office. What Mr. Clinton did, or was alleged to have done, to all those women is tragic. That Hillary supported her husband and attacked those women, does not represent feminist values. Or does it?

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