New Poll Reveals Who Dems Want If Hillary Drops Out Due to Health

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-5-08-07-pmIt should come as no surprise that the Democrats are considering replacing Hillary in case she dies or is forced to pull out of the election due to ill health. What should also not come as a surprise is that the Democrats overwhelmingly want Bernie Sanders back in the race if she does.

According to Zerohedge:

A new poll, conducted by Rasmussen of likely Democrat voters found that if Hillary is forced out of the presidential race over health issues that Bernie would be the most preferred replacement candidate. In fact, Bernie was preferred by over 2x more people than Joe Biden. Meanwhile, only 14% of Democrats knew who Tim Kaine was and 9% were potentially leaning towards Harambe or Deez Nuts.


So, cheer up, Susan, there may be hope yet!


But, of course, what Democrats would really prefer more than anything is if we could all just stick our heads in the sand and pretend Hillary’s 9/11 “medical episode” never happened.


After all, “can’t a girl have a sick day or two?” And, btw “what about Donald Trump’s tax returns, where are they?”

It certainly should not come as a surprise that Bernie is their choice as he was the overwhelming choice before Hillary and the DNC conspired to steal the nomination from Bernie.

So, while it is unlikely that Hillary will drop out, regardless of health, it is possible she dies and then the DNC would be wise to put Bernie in if they want a chance to win the Presidency.

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One thought on “New Poll Reveals Who Dems Want If Hillary Drops Out Due to Health

  1. Smart Old Fart

    One can only hope and pray they pick Bernie, the self-declared Socialist dunder-doodle and village idiot, to run in Hillary’s stead. Donald could save his money and take a nice vacation from now until November – AND STILL WIN HUGE! IMO, ‘Uncle Joe’ has more CURB APPEAL and would be a bigger threat; both as a candidate and as a President, should that nightmare happen.

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