Rand Paul Can’t Help Taunting Ted Cruz with Recent Straw Poll Win

randpaulliberalIt’s no secret that Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Ted Cruz are battling for the libertarian vote. So, after Sen. Paul won the Republican Liberty Caucus straw poll Saturday night, he couldn’t help to make sure to rub it in the face of Sen Cruz. According to The Blaze:

In a press release announcing the straw poll victory, Paul’s campaign took a jab at Cruz for spending a “substantial amount of time, money, and resources to actively sway voters at the RLC Convention, yet the liberty movement continues to unite behind Rand Paul.”


“Unlike Sen. Cruz, Rand Paul has consistently voted against raising spending and is the only candidate fighting to protect the entire Bill of Rights,” Paul’s campaign said, differentiating him from the Texas senator.


In their own statement after the results, Cruz’s campaign touted his tally of 51.2 percent as gaining “momentum among libertarian voters” but called the loss to Paul a “major upset among libertarian voters.”


“We are very encouraged by the growing support we are seeing among liberty voters in the early states and across the country,” Cruz said. “I have spent my career defending and promoting the constitutional liberties that our nation was founded upon, and that are increasingly under assault today.”


“If elected president, libertarian voters across the country can be confident that I will stand for the U.S. Constitution at every turn,” he said.

Republicans are enthusiastic to earn the support of the Liberty-Republicans as they represent the base of the Republican party. As is the case for political strategy, it’s advised you go extreme-right while seeking to be nominated, and then swing back to center for the primaries.

The fight between Paul and Cruz has gotten more heated. While it’s unclear what his win means, Mr. Paul is happily savoring this victory.

What do you think? Was Mr. Paul rubbing his win in the face of Mr. Cruz, or are we reading too much into this? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.