Watch Rand Paul’s Brilliant Response to Critics Who Say His Budget Doesn’t Fully Fund the Government

randpaultaxWhile most politicians presume they have the right – even obligation – to take and spend other people’s money without question, Rand Paul has a different strategy – reduce the size, scope and power of the federal government.

During a recent interview with Glenn Beck, the Presidential Candidate addressed concerns that his budget doesn’t go far enough to finance the federal government. According to The Blaze:

Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul has a simple response to those who say his tax proposal will leave the government under-funded.


“Precisely! That’s my goal,” Paul said in an interview with Glenn Beck that aired Monday.


“I want the government to be smaller. … And I want the rates to be so low that people will be beating on the door, wanting to come to America to create a business in America.”


Paul said that under the current system, business owners and entrepreneurs are “running away from us because of a 70,000 page tax code that is chasing businesses and chasing jobs overseas.”


“Let’s make this the friendliest place in the world to have a business,” Paul proposed. “We get rid of the entire tax code, all 70,000 pages. We get rid of the IRS, and all you have is one return that you multiply by 14.5 percent.”

Contrary to the focus of modern day activists, liberals and progressive pundits, Rand Paul seems more focused on job creation and personal responsibility.

Instead of focusing on victims, causes and various inequality, Mr. Paul is focused on solutions that will make people’s lives better.

You can watch it here:
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What do you think? Is starving the government the only way to control its size? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.



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