Trump Willing to Go Where No Other Politician Dares

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 8.03.42 AMEvery politician walks the tight rope of catering to the anti-immigration crowd while pandering to illegal immigrants understanding that they may still vote and be counted. That is all politicians until Donald Trump stopped by and honored the families and victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens.

It happened in California when Trump showed courage and respect for true victims of crimes that should never have been committed. According to RealClearPolitics:

At a rally Thursday night in Orange County, CA, Donald Trump was joined on stage by Jamiel Shaw, whose son was murdered by an illegal alien in 2008, and other members of the Remembrance Project.


“They’re unbelievable, they’ve suffered,” Trump said before bringing them up on the stage. “These are great people.”


“We demand Americans first,” Shaw said. “We don’t care about illegal aliens.” The person who murdered his son was an “illegal alien on his third gun charge.”


“They all have a very similar story to tell,” Trump said. “People that shouldn’t have been here, people that should have never been allowed to come over the border and they come here like its nothing, they walk through it like its nothing,” he said as the crowd chanted “build a wall.”


“We’re going to stop it and we’re going to build a wall,” Trump promised.

What’s interesting is reviewing main stream media’s coverage of events. They didn’t mention who Trump was speaking to or why, only that there were major protests outside the venue.

When it comes to bias and hypocrisy, the illegal immigration issue seems to highlight the liberal and main stream media bias more than any other issue.

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