See Who Dominates The Straw Poll at CPAC – And It’s Not Trump

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 2.31.38 PMThe Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) met this past week and held their famous straw poll of Presidential Candidates, and for a change, Donald Trump did not dominate the polling.

CPAC is known for being the principled conservative wing of the Republican party, so it’s no surprise that they were able to divorce personality and focus solely on the candidate, in their eyes, who best represents the conservative platform. According to The Blaze:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz crushed the opposition and won the straw poll for the Conservative Political Action Conference.


Cruz carried 40 percent of the vote among the 2,659 CPAC attendees who participated in the poll. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio carried 30 percent of the vote, while Donald Trump gained just 15 percent.


The CPAC poll was co-sponsored by the Washington Times and conducted by McLaughlin & Associates.


After that, no one else gets double digits.


Ohio Gov. John Kasich carries 8 percent of the vote, while Dr. Ben Carson – who dropped out of the race on Friday – carried 2 percent of the vote.


Interestingly, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders carried 1 percent; former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg got 1 percent, while former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got 0.3 percent.


Rubio was the leading second choice, with 29 percent, while Cruz gained 26 percent for the second choice. Kasich was the second choice of 18 percent of the voters, while Trump was the second choice of just 9 percent.


South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who has been critical of Trump and endorsed Rubio, was the leading choice for vice president, tied with Kasich as the leading choice for vice president – each had 12 percent of the vote. Former GOP candidate Carly Fiorina gained 11 percent of the vote, while former candidate and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul tied with Rubio at 9 percent.

It’s not surprising that Mr. Cruz dominated the poll. He has a very good voting record when it comes to conservative principles. It is surprising that Mr. Rubio was able to do so well considering his well publicized flip-flops and gang-of-eight betrayal.

As Mr. Trump has been inconsistent with abortion, parties and many other issues, it’s not surprising that he didn’t dominate this poll.

Regardless, the coming few months will be interesting to see what all Republicans, and not just members of CPAC, decide for their nominee…and whether the GOP allows it to be based on popular vote or backroom dealings. Time will tell.

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