Trump Opens Speech By Pointing Out What’s Missing On Stage

trump-teleprompterWhether you love him or hate him (which seems to be the only two positions), Donald Trump continues to grab headlines. This time, during a big rally in Texas. Trump is drawing large crowds who are attracted to his call-it-as-I-see-it refreshing speech.

His approach, while unsophisticated is resonating with the populace, as evidenced with his unwillingness to use professional speechwriters and other political tools of the trade. According to The Blaze:

Donald Trump opened his speech before thousands in Dallas, Texas, Monday evening by directing the crowd’s attention to what was missing on stage.


“Do you notice what’s missing tonight?” the Republican presidential contender asked. “Teleprompters! No teleprompters!”


“We don’t want teleprompters,” he continued. “That would be so much easier. We read a speech for 45 minutes. Everybody falls asleep listening to the same old stuff. The same old lies. So much easier.”


Trump noted that it’s “always tough” delivering speeches because they are always aired on live television.


“Every time I speak they put me on live television so I have to make different speeches,” he said.


The real estate tycoon then used the issue to skewer his 2016 opponents.


“They go around and make the same speech hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times. Nobody cares,” Trump said.

Trump seems to have his finger on the pulse of the American public sick of slick professional politicians. And his latest comments on the use of canned speeches and teleprompter has resonating, again, with those potential voters.

You can watch his comments here:

What do you think? Is Donald Trump on to something or just blowing a lot of hot air? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.



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