Trump Tapes Are Just Starting To Be Released

screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-6-11-52-pmSurprise is the main issue in October of election year as Donald Trump is finding out. The Clinton machine has destroyed many an opponent over the years and Donald Trump should be prepared for horrendous disclosures over the next couple weeks as even a former producer of the Celebrity Apprentice alludes to in a recent tweet.

According to Zero Hedge:

There has been much speculation about how much “dirt” the Clinton campaign has on Trump: we all know the Clintons are the best in the business at “doing their homework.”


Perhaps the best indication that they’re sitting on a treasure trove of Trump dirt, is the fact that the Washington Post timed the release of Trump’s hot mic mishap with the latest WikiLeaks dump of the Podesta emails. The coordination of the release supposedly implies the Hillary campaign is sitting on even dirt just waiting for the best opportunity to maximize the leverage of new releases to squash their own scandals.


Which is why it’s not terribly surprising that Bill Pruitt, producer of “The Apprentice”, recently took to twitter to warn that “when it comes to the #trumptapes there are far worse.”

Even Ben Carson told Fox News that The Donald knows there are more leaks to come and the Hillary campaign intends to “drip them out.”

Of course, the real question isn’t whether there will be new Trump leaks but whether anyone really cares. Yes, he is crass and he makes a lot of controversial comments – that has been true of the Trump campaign since he first entered the race. That said, he has continued to prevail simply because, at least up to this point, there is a large swath of the American electorate that is simply fed up with the establishment and are intent upon sending an outsider to shake up Washington. Perhaps for Trump, the more crass the better?

It’s interesting that the first release of Trump tapes did little to impact his support. So, it’s fair to say that the disclosures about Hillary will do little to impact those who plan to vote for her. But, it’s not about the 40% committed to Hillary or the 40% already committed to Trump. The real race has always been about those 20% undecideds.

How do you think they will vote based on the most recent disclosures from Hillary and Trump?

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One thought on “Trump Tapes Are Just Starting To Be Released

  1. slampros

    I could care less what Trump said a decade ago??? Hillary is so corrupt. Since this email scandal with Hillary I cannot trust the FBI, Obama, and the Justice department. We the American people are not safe any more. We cannot even get the media to report the truth. I loved CNN but now after all the lies they tell, I banned them from my household. There is no one we can trust anymore. The only hope we have is to get Trump elected to make the changes that we have needed for 8 years now.

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