Watch As Carly Fiorina Embarrasses This Liberal Pundit

carlymsnbcThe first GOP debate provided an opportunity for the American public to meet some of the candidates they previously may not have been familiar with. Enter Carly Fiorina who absolutely dominated the first debate of seven GOP Presidential hopefuls.

Fiorina was clearly the winner of that debate, and it was afterward, during her media victory lap that she got to embarrass liberal pundit Chris Matthews. According to Tea Party News:

Carly Fiorina took her post-debate victory lap on MSNBC tonight, when Chris Matthews challenged her for calling out Hillary Clinton as a liar. Matthews was shocked and said:


“You really think that’s a way to engage in a debate, to call your opponent a liar! I’m astounded by that judgment of yours.”


Fiorina was very specific, said she hates talking in “sanitized soundbites” and insisted that she made the statement simply:


“Because it’s the Truth.”


When Matthews pressed her on the specifics, Fiorina started the list, “Benghazi, emails, and server.”


Matthews got a bit combative over Benghazi, but Fiorina stood by her guns and said she’ll be perfectly happy to debate Clinton on the issues if she wins the nomination.

It’s refreshing to see a candidate, besides Donald Trump, use clear language and not be afraid of political correctness. Ms. Fiorina clearly demonstrated the vigor and intelligence to be President by handling, easily, a liberal pundit used to softball interviews with fellow liberals.

You can watch the exchange here:

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