Hillary Has Avoided Having A Press Conference in Almost a Year

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 6.59.02 PMIf she were Republican, you’d bet there would be a bigger deal if she went 230 days without a press conference, but Hillary Clinton gets a pass from the state-sponsored media as she continues to avoid unscripted, unprotected questions from unpredictable reporters. A press conference is a way to hold officials (or candidates) accountable for their words and actions, and Mrs. Clinton has shown contempt for Americans by not having one for close to a year.

According to The Blaze:

When pressed on the fact that the last time Clinton took questions from a pool of reporters was Dec. 4, 2015, campaign pollster Joel Benenson said, “We’ll have a press conference when we want to have a press conference.” He told ABC News Clinton has “answered hundreds if not thousands of questions from reporters in one-on-one interviews.”


“The American people hear from her everyday,” Benenson argued. “They get to ask her questions everyday, and she answers questions from journalists. She’s been doing interviews for months on some of the toughest issues that have come up.”


And on Wednesday, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook “burst out laughing,” according to a report from The Hill, when he was asked during a Wall Street Journal luncheon if the candidate would hold a press conference between the Democratic National Convention and Election Day.


“We’ll see,” he simply said.


Mook again deflected when he was asked if this media blackout would continue into a potential Clinton presidency, telling reporters at the gathering he “will not speculate about anything after the election because I’ll be on vacation.”


“I’m saying that I can’t even tell you what we’re doing 10 days from now – we make these decisions on a rolling basis,” he added, noting, like Benenson, the number of “one-on-one interviews” in which the former secretary of state has participated.


Mook said the campaign will “continue to evaluate these questions on an ongoing basis.”

Questions about Clinton’s refusal to hold press conferences — which has been frequently criticized by the Democrat’s rivals in the GOP — cropped up when Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, raised the issue Wednesday during a press conference of his own.


“It’s been 235 days since Crooked Hillary Clinton has had a press conference and you as reporters who give her all these glowing reports should ask yourselves why,” he charged.


“I’ll tell you why: Despite the nice platitudes, she’s been a mess.”


Clinton will formally accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for president during a speech Thursday night at her party’s convention in Philadelphia.

Watch Benenson’s comments below:


Like all things Hillarys, inversion of the truth seems to be their policy of addressing the public. Mrs. Clinton only shows up on media programs of those who can be trusted to not ask the hard questions and follow up.

As both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama have touted new eras of transparency, we can recognize this new era means there won’t be any transparency, just published talking points, and if you stray from them, your access will be cutoff.

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  • David Stewart

    I could very easily spend my remaining days NOT having to view an unconvicted moraless felon on the tube! Thank the powers that she DOESN’T appear!

  • Gnowark

    If I were ashamed of everything I did, and/or didn’t do, I wouldn’t hold a press conference either. But I wouldn’t pretend to aspire to the highest office in the land,. So hitlery obviously isn’t ashamed of herself, as she SHOULD BE! She must consider us only good enough to make her fake promises (as she did when she was my senator, many promises and only got 3 of her bills passed: to rename a road, a Post Office, and an historic site.

    • Lawrence

      She has no shame that is her problem; none of the Clinton’s do.

  • Joseph Carrilho

    Reminds me of “Never try to teach a pig to sing. You’re just wasting your time,
    and besides that, it REALLY ANNOYS the pig.”
    Where did THIS pig learn to lie, LIE, L I E ???

    • judge45colt

      from her hubby, or her parents more than likely. she wouldn’t know the truth if bit her on the but


    Why should she bother having a press conference, she would not answer any question honestly anyway. IF elected would have four years of silence and a retired white house press corp. At the end of her presidency she would have the deed to the White House and Fort Knox.

  • stick

    She’s afraid of tripping over her LIES in front of millions of people.