Watch Crowd Go Wild From Trump Slamming Hillary Truth

trumphillaryOne thing is certain, you can’t accuse him of holing back or sugar-coating an issue. Now comes word of Donal Trump commenting on Hillary and causing a huge response in his audience. He is the only candidate will to say the things people are thinking.

No other candidate is resonating with the public or fueling the commentators. Pundits and comedians must be beside themselves with Donald Trumps Presidential Campaign because there is so much material to comment on. With Hillary’s email scandal growing, Mr. Trump weighed in. According to the Conservative Tribune:

“Hillary is now officially under investigation for the emails,” Trump said. “What she did is very criminal and very serious.”


Unfortunately, Trump was also forced to admit that nothing will likely “happen to her because it’s all Democrats that are doing the investigation.”


And the last thing Democrats want to do is to take down the only person on their lousy team who has even a remote chance of winning the 2016 election.


If the prosecutors handling her case are “fair” and “honorable,” however, then they will take her down, because her crimes are no laughing matter.

From the video below, you can see the crowd’s reaction. People know when they are being lied to, and when it comes to all the BS responses from Hillary and her crew as to why she set up and managed a complicated private email server in violation of her own State Department policies, people can smell the lie from far away.

Mr Trump is giving voice to the majority of Americans. He’s a fresh, welcome perspective in what has become a carefully crafted, every-word-poll-tested-before-speaking world of modern day politics.

You can watch his comments here:

What do you think? Is Donald Trump representing how people feel? Or is he some buffoon seeking 15 minutes of fame? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.