Watch Hillary Squirm Out of Answering These Questions During Unedited 60 Minutes Footage

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 9.01.18 PM60 Minutes can sometimes be partial, but mostly they are liberal-biased as evidenced by the footage they didn’t air during Mrs. Clinton’s interview.

The footage shows Hillary squirming and avoiding answering questions about the DNC email disclosure showing clear collusion among the DNC to give the nomination to Hillary regardless of the popular vote.

According to The Blaze:

CBS News aired the pre-recorded interview on “60 Minutes” Sunday, but the network didn’t air all of it. In fact, it left a nearly three-minute clip — in which Clinton repeatedly dodges questions about the the DNC leaks — off the airwaves. Instead it posted the clip online under this headline: “Unaired 60 Minutes clips with Clinton and Kaine.”


In the online clip, host Scott Pelley asked the duo about a particular leaked email, in which in a DNC staffer talked about asking Sanders if he believes in God.


“He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist,” the staffer wrote.


But Clinton dodged the inquiry, claiming she “didn’t know anything about it” and that she hadn’t read “any of those emails.”


“But I am adamantly opposed to anyone bringing religion into our political process. I mean, the Constitution says ‘no religious test.’ So that is just wrong and unacceptable,” the presumptive Democratic nominee said.


Pelley pressed Clinton, saying, “They seem to have their thumb on the scale for you.”

But Clinton dodged again.


“Again, I don’t know anything, I don’t know anything about these emails. I haven’t followed it,” Clinton replied.


Pelley posed the question a third time, asking Clinton if “any effort in the DNC to favor one candidate over another would have been improper?”


“I don’t have any information about this. So I can’t answer specifically,” Clinton responded.

Clinton’s running mate, the former DNC chairman, later chimed in with his take.


“You’re not going to find anybody at the DNC or the RNC or any political organization who is a complete agnostic, who doesn’t have an opinion about a candidate,” Kaine said.


“But there’s a difference between having an opinion about somebody, having a candidate that you prefer over somebody else. There’s a difference between that and trying to alter the outcome,” the Virginia senator added.

It’s interesting how Mrs. Clinton and her running mate both seem to support the information revealed in the email release as the way business is done.

The RNC tried to sabotage Trump’s ability to claim the nomination, but ultimately they were defeated. The DNC was successful in sabotaging the more popular Bernie Sanders, something Mrs. Clinton seems unapologetic about.

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You can watch her squirm below:

  • driver

    Hillary clinton, and many around her, are nothing but a disgrace to the american governmental system..remember being taught about WHY america came to be ? Remember the tea party in boston ? Remember the reasons ?..hillary, obama, bill, and all that support them in any underhanded way need to be chained together, in orange jumpsuits, paraded by media on their way to court for their misdeeds, and judged by WE THE PEOPLE, not by their own cronies, like lynch, comey, etc who are all on the take in one way or the other….if judging not allowed by us like it should be then by someone not attached to this group of scum, like TREY GOWDY, where hillary and company will get the treatment they rightly deserve

  • b davis

    only been together less than a week an SHE has already taught him how to lie as she does,but then again he being a dumbocrat they are all liars,cheaters,thieves and criminals……lying under oath about the lies she told


    She makes me want to vomit!


    When the clintons first came on the scene nationally (whitewater), the government permitted her to reap a $100,000 thru insider trading. Today the clintons are being permitted to reap HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS by money laundering and stealing from their “charity”. This is all done in plain site with the permission of a corrupt administration and wide spread government corruption.

  • Meredith Washburn

    For not watching the RNC Conversation she sure had an awful lot of knowledge and much to say.

  • buzdon

    Sergeant Schultz once again “Knows nothing!” and yet with no knowledge of what actually happened, offers Debbie Wasserman Schultz a promotion to her own campaign staff? Reminds me way too much of the promotion given to Susan Rice for lying to the American people about “the video” and then becoming the Ambassador to the United Nations. The moral? Do Hillary’s dirty work, and if you get caught, the Clinton’s will take care of you …

    • Geneva

      And if you don’t get away with it… Whitewater funeral…

  • ReaperHD

    This is her entire life in the public eye and when ever anything happens involving her she never knows anything about it. She fooking lies and then all around her just gives her a pass, she just made the FBI look like fools and but holes.

  • Vince

    One corrupt MOB trying to keep control of the American government. Everyone please watch “Clinton Cash”.

    • Beaver

      I watched “Clinton Cash” and seeing the amount of money that they talk about and the way governments are bought,do you honestly think that the US way of voting can’t be compromised! I mean there’s so much money floating around out there ,what’s to stop them from just buying the whole computer system,and logging a win?I absolutely don’t have any confidence in our electoral process what’s so ever.Do you?

  • Charley Larson

    She is such a liar…..and now her VP pick has hopped on that ‘Dishonest Express’.

  • William Ingram

    Vote Hillary
    Lean over
    Put your head between your legs

  • Geneva

    Did anyone else pick up on the fact that she claimed to have not watched the RNC but she had multiple adjectives describing all the negative feelings that she felt the convention portrayed. If you can’t tell she lies through her teeth, you’re stone cold deaf! It’s sad when politicians think the “regular people” are too stupid to see these things…

  • PAorangeburg

    Politicians don’t answer questions. They redirect questions to share whatever message they want to get across. She wants to focus that the other side is all negative yet every year that is what comes out of both sides of any competition. Something we are and something the other side isn’t. Yada, yada, yada. It’s a joke. She is not the answer unless the questions is to put another nail in the US Constitution. Then Hillary is where you should vote.

  • BoBo Blood

    Hillary “The Butcher of Benghazi” Clinton was born narcissistic liar, a filthy lesbian beast. How anyone can support this treacherous liar Is beyond my comprehension, liberal democrats have to be the most Ignorant people on the face of the earth, worthless subhumans Is what they are….

  • Elaine

    For being “the smartest woman in the world”, there sure is an awful lot she is unaware of, doesn’t know, doesn’t remember, can’t recall, or can’t answer specifically. The libtards actually WANT her to be the President of the United States. Mind boggling.

  • Wcgraybill

    That Hillary bitch could not tell the truth no matter the question, she is so used to telling lies she can’t see anything but. What a phony we do not need her or the pissant Obama anymore.